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WTF: Woman Arrested For Calling 911 To Complain About A Burger

Remember yesterday’s story about the woman who attempted to sell her goods for 2 McDonald’s burgers? Well here’s another burger story for you to chew on. Remember when you were a child and your parents said something along the lines of “Be quiet & eat your food or I’m sending you to your room.”, well this is the messed up grown up version of that.

Donna Marie Nichols, 50-year-old Tennessee woman, had called police twice to complain about her Hardee’s hamburger and was arrested for being the latest restaurant patron to get arrested for Abusing the 911 system.

Nichols had told the 911 dispatcher that she didn’t like the burger and tried to get her money back but the cashier would not be able to help her until the next day.

When an officer arrived at her location, she said the burger tasted funny and the officer proceeded to arrest her.

Nichols, pictured in the above mug shot, added that before she contacted cops, she called Hardee’s, “and that they told her to return and they would refund her money.”

In one of her 911 calls, Nichols told the police operator that the Hardee’s food “is no good” and that, “I only took a small bite out of the burger and it’s nasty.”

Nichols was subsequently busted and booked into the county jail, where bail was set at $1500. She was released from custody yesterday evening.

Previously, customers have been popped for calling 911 to register dismay about Burger King lemonade, McDonald’s McNuggets, and pizza.
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Woman arrested for complaining about Hardees burger

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