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Above Average

Your pleasure is my purpose by definition.

Your pleasure is my purpose by definition.

Our love is above average.
We are what we desire, you are my only prayer.
There’s no need to make-believe when we can make it happen before our very eyes.
Let the results of our experiments reverberate through our bodies.

I’ve got a hunger for knowledge when it comes to your each & every way.
Educate me, demonstrate your good taste.
Fill me with your fantasy line after line.
Can’t erase your nature from the pages of my mind.
Lie back & tell me your story with your body.

You thirst for my time, so take it all in.
Love me still through the night.
Love don’t wait & I don’t mind.
Because I think you’re learning your way through mine.
Indoctrinate these dreams between our lips.
Listen, I’ll tell you everything you want to hear.
I wanna give you faith, like that good book by your bed.

Whenever you’re around there is no sound,
besides that of your heartbeat over mine doing double-time.
Our love is a mute math,
multiplying our passions as we hold hands & connect our dynamic symmetry vigorously.
Crystal clear persuasion with your every move.
Your body language is an art all its own.

Question every position with another moan as you drift away into the distance.
Every climax is a light in the dark, I want you to glow uncontrollably.
Nothing gets lost in translation while I read your body like a dictionary.
Your pleasure is my purpose by definition.

Nothing can replace our experiences.
I want you on me like pen to paper.
Our form evolves whenever we cross the line.
See beyond the world we’ve been shown.
Let’s satisfy our curiosity one more time.

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Blend your nature with mine, with a look to paint the sky.

Blend your nature with mine, with a look to paint the sky.

You sound so good.
We could be so good.
I match your tone in my own way.
I hear your voice in the back of my mind.
When you call, I respond.
Stay in sync with me without a word.

If your yesterday’s out of place, we’ll let the past be the past
and find a future in every word beyond the hours before us.
Cross the line, redefine what I’m saying for yourself.
Take me out of my element & put yourself in my place.

I’ll admit I’m a little colorblind whenever you find your way with me.
You could compliment my cool with your heated heart on high.
Blend your nature with mine, with a look to paint the sky.

Our Melody could be simply divine, if we had nine months to bring our dream to life.
We are far from empty in this relaxed little groove of ours.
We are what we desire, let me enjoy you.
Shape your voice into what I am, safe & sound when you inhale my smile.
Do you ever feel the same way too?

Eyes opened, breathing steady when I put you first & follow through.
Complete me with your counterpoint pleasingly.
Tell me that we’ll fill the empty with something good each & every night & day.
I get the impression that I’ve got you & you’ve got me.
Simultaneous release when I feel you with me.

This could be the start of a moment that will never disappear beneath our breaths.

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This Is Just A Test

Test Shots #1

Test Shots #1

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Quote: Women Are Infinite

“Women are an infinite source of inspiration and mystery.” – Fábio Moon

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Some Advice From Strangers In paradise

“You try to be so calm and casual about everything, but you’ve got a beast in you! You can’t hide it forever…” – Katchoo

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