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Something in the Night


Share your story with me as I look into your eyes

When your soul’s curious your body follows suit
The more we see, the more we wish to know
Discovery is supposed to be different
Let’s live with the night and the light at our backs

Your touch, I deserve it

Utter that which sets you free under moonlight
Fill what was empty with love as the ocean mirrors the sky
Our sense of self sees something in one another that refuses to be washed away
Drown out all that keeps us apart

Kiss yesterday goodbye

We’ll go deeper without hesitation
Peace of mind between trusted fingertips
Time can’t curb this curiosity
Everything is nothing at first
Lasting appeal warrants repeated viewings

Something in the night erases all that’s black and white
Something in the night calms and ignites our souls
Something in the night makes us true
Something in the night

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When my wants have replaced my needs, reckless poetry fills my every action.
Can’t keep calm when my heart is burning up, engulfed whole.

A deep desire rising to the surface, like a volcano raging in the night.
Nothing is safe from the fire in my veins growing in your proximity.
These eyes want to watch you burn, just as I am inside.

Passion flows like gasoline, fueling movement with intensity.
It’s amazing how clearly I can see you as this heat takes over.
I’ve made it this far hoping that I could light your flame for me.

Your taste, your breath, your body and will spark wild life where once there was a quiet and civilized man.
Swept up in this moment flickering before our eyes, we’re lost in our carnal curiosity.
Lost in divine rhythm, I know you.

I want to ignite hunger in your soul.
Your every touch drenched in the kind of insatiable scorching heat that would lay waste to a lesser man.
Hesitance in ashes on the floor, leave nothing standing in our wake.

Love is relentless.
Whenever you’re close reckless poetry fills my every action.
Is it the same way for you?

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Chapters (Pt. 5)

We become what we want.

We become what we want.

Admit to your desires.

Touch can be more than physical.
Sight can be downright spiritual.
Listening can truly move you.
In every sense you speak to me.

We become what we want.
Let’s not limit ourselves.

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We light up at night with nothing to fight.
Feed into our desires with friction & emotion.
Doing all the wrong things the right way.
Forget what we think, we know only what we feel.

We control who we are so much.
We can be free together.
Push me against a wall, press yourself into me with intensity & purpose.
Confess your attraction for me with your lips enveloping mine.
Take me, without a word.

My hands hold onto you for dear life, I need you now.
Let me remind you that you’re mine, as much as I am yours.
My lips tasting all the parts of you I can’t resist,
until my hunger has exhausted your will to think before you act.

Let me get a good look at you until our fantasies begin to see reality.
Wet my appetite.
The gravity of all I feel will fill you.
No rest until every bit of you has known every inch of me.
I can’t move without your whispers escaping into me.
Explode into existence with me.

I want your sex.
Give it to me, I’ll give it back to you.

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Chapters (Pt. 4)


The way she moved her body was nothing short of alchemy.
She compels me with her sweet simplicity.
Her touch is never uninvited.

Spellbound, maybe I’ve been looking at you too much.
Take it all in, so I can let it all out.
I know all that I need to know when it comes to you, angel.
I love how good you are.
Some things just can’t be taught.

I can’t love anyone the way that I love you.

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