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Hear Say Pt. 4

You’re calling out to me with every touch you place on me.
You hear the music we make & can’t help but to smile.
Watching the moves you make makes me weak.
I lose myself whenever you find me in your arms.
Who I was falls apart when you’re near.
You can keep me for as long as you like, I like where this is going.
I just can’t shake this feeling, something’s coming over me.

The world that I see excites you.
In your eyes I see it now, swimming deep inside, you want it too.
You tried to hide it, but something made you call out for me.
Give it up & give it away, surrender isn’t half as hard as it seems.
Take it from me, we’re two hearts that need some healing.
Let me wrap my words around you.
Everybody needs somebody, so hold my hand & take my heart from me.

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Hear Say Pt. 3

How many words will it take to make you mine?
How far do I have to go before you know how you feel?
Have you lived, have you loved or are you safe being somewhere in between?
Is the fast life what you crave, do you live for the chase?
You hold onto me like you’ve found your purpose & then a split second later you’re M.I.A., off on your way.

If you were anybody else I’d already have my way with you.
I know we’re not moving too fast because you’re still standing.
So feel till you’re numb.
Listen to your heart until you’re deaf & dumb.
Taste till you’ve tried everything & still you won’t get enough of me.
I don’t eat, I don’t sleep unless it’s with you.
When this life becomes a blur, you are the truth that I can’t escape.
Everybody needs somebody.

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