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WTF: Dirty Jobs

RIM jobs are hard to come by.

RIM jobs are hard to come by.

This is exactly what you need to see when you’re looking for a flexible job. I’m sure this wasn’t intended to be taken lightly, but seriously, how did an Editor miss this one?

I’m still giggling like a 6th grader.

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Quote: The Creative Process

The Creative Process

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Arm Candy

My glass is half empty cus I’m full of it.
Smokes rising to the top without me in this place cus it’s beneath me.
And when skirts walk by with a smile and a little something in their eyes, I can’t deny that it’s on tonight.

Girl you’re looking so sweet, let me be your arm candy.
I’ll give you something to smile about while we move to the beat as if we’ve done this before.
Girl you lit up my mind and there’s no point in trying not to show it.
I just want to make you feel good tonight & in the morning we’ll pick up where we left off if you’ve still got that angelic smile on your sweet sun-kissed face.

Yes, this is what I think about in the time that it took you to look my way as you walked right by.
And you wonder why it seems like I know exactly what I’m doing from the moment I approached you under these flashing lights.

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Mixtapes & Weekend Escapes

You’re the best, you’re the best ____ I’ve never had.
I’m not chasing after skirts, I’m following my heart to yours.
Its been a long time coming, hasn’t it?
I don’t know why we didn’t see it before.
But regardless, I can’t get enough of you.
Oh if only you truly knew.

Hold that thought, hold back & slow your roll young blood.
Such passion is out of fashion, no one wears their heart on their sleeves anymore.
Why isn’t red the new “black” this year?
Does love really have a color?
Because if it did, I’d want mine to mix with yours until something new & fresh was created.
Some things take time to grow, while some things just take time before you even know it.

Laid back, arm wrapped; we’ve found each other many times before in this embrace.
Lips to cheek, hand on hand; we’ve said goodbye this way before.
But eye to eye & heart to heart, is somewhere we haven’t gone before.

With half my heart my embrace envelops you whole, not knowing how to let go.
And only with half the intensity do my lips meet your face for fear that I’ll reveal too much too fast.
I must have one hell of a poker face because I know that you’re not blind.
I wish I could say more, but now is not the time.
Now is not the right moment.
I’ll see you tomorrow, and maybe you’ll see me too.
Maybe, just maybe.

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It Goes Without Saying

Am I your comfort?
Are you aware that I care?
A little too much is never enough.
Be honest with your words & your touch.

I love you.
I love holding you without pretense.
I don’t think about you, I feel you.
In more ways than one does my love for you know.
My affection for you shows more & more each time I am with you.

Be patient.
I will be there for you always.
We have something special, we just don’t know what it is yet.
Be still and it will come.

Be still.

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