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Lee Stormlover (Ryan Gosling Dukes It Out at the Beach)



Ryan’s confused as well.

Lee Stormlover & I had a funny chat about dudes in Dasiy Dukes, so this one is for her.

Yes the image of Ryan is fake, I was bored & did some quick Photoshoppin’. I have noticed a trend with men wearing feminine shorts/pants lately though.

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You Like Me


Thanks guys, it feels good to be liked. I like you & your fantastic blogs too!

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What Happened Last Night?


I know that statement is usually uttered after waking from a night of drunken debauchery, but I think it fits this situation as well. I just checked my blog stats and saw that last night the blog got 1,174 views & 478 views (and counting) today. Reddit seems to love me (have no clue why) & most of my views came from the WTF posts.


Now if only I could get some more comments. I do actually like talking to you guys, especially you Mr. Passerby from the United Kingdom. What’s a guy gotta do to get a little more conversation around here?

What would you guys like to see more of on here?


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Cut Loose

We should get drunk together & cut loose.
I’m fun love-drunk & you’re laidback tipsy.

We don’t need to be intoxicated to enjoy each other, but it sure makes things interesting.

I’ve never had a hangover. I blame it on my high tolerance. But I would love to grab a drink & cut loose on the dance floor with all off you, especially you “Storm”.

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know some really cool & interesting bloggers through this blog & Facebook.

This shot's for you.

This shot’s for you.

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Subscriber Interview with “The Wandering Mind” by RawMultimedia

Here is a subscriber interview Ricardo from RawMultimedia did with me last month! I’ve been following this blog for quite some time & have gotten to know Ricardo. Somehow in all of my excitement (and semi-drunken stupor) I forgot to post this on my OWN blog. Make sure to stop by RawMultimedia where something is always going down & NOTHING is off topic. Thanks again, Ricardo.

Allure Art Life

subscriber interviewHello Friends and Fellow Creative Blog Community…welcome to a new series titled “Subscriber Interview“.

Subscriber Interview is a series on my blog where I, Richardo the writer/host of the blog talks and interviews his subscribers each week and find out a little more about them and what they do. It’s designed to keep the blogging community alive and also show others who is out there in the blog universe.

Without no further ado, here we go.

Today I have the pleasure to interview Stephen in which is a loyal subscriber of mines and also a fellow blogger who blogs about poetry, life and more and has a blog at aka “The Wandering Mind“. I hope you get to check him out. Well let’s find out a bit about Stephen shall we. Enjoy! 🙂

What is your name and what do you enjoy doing for fun?

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