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I look at you, and I don’t know what comes next.
Every thought comes to a stop, emotions keep running.
I feel everything through you.
I become nothing and everything.

We become silence and sound.
There’s pure poetry in the way we connect.
Something I can’t define.
I know all I need to know, because I know you.

You are my forever.

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Only change can save us...

Only change can save us…

We’re hungry for love and thirsting for a life worth living.
We’ve reached out into this wild life to no end.
Let your thoughtful design and my distinctive touch coalesce.

Trading caution for clarity in our ultraviolet fantasies.

Only change can save us, so keep it coming.
Watching you lose yourself in me gives me a natural high.
Vigorous Virgos are very vibrant creatures.

We disappear into each other until night becomes day.

She’s changing before my eyes like it’s nothing new.
Choose to be more than meets the eye when the elements become us.
When you’re around I can shed my ways and wasted yesterdays.

We have passion written on our skin.

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Chapters (Pt. 1)


Our chapters are dated by moments we only knew.
Tell me your truth throughout page after page.

Spare no details.

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Our passion runs up & down these walls.
Exploration never felt so good.
I want to go deeper until I can feel the unforeseen.
There’s no escaping the things that we do.
You’ll never understand why I look at you the way that I do.
As long as we’re trading affections I’ll take what you give.
In silence we speak of the things that we did.
With glances & grins we hold onto that feeling,
Just long enough to remember that it was real.
We’re so close to reaching a breakthrough.
Why delay what we can do today?

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Estrogen & Alcohol (Party Crashers)

Last night my best friend talked me into crashing his FiancĂ©es “Girls Night Out” after I was finished work. Imagine for a minute what happens when two guys crash a party filled with nothing but Estrogen and obscene amounts of alcohol. Craziness ensues. We had fun, plenty to laugh about and plenty of blackmail material. Ladies, thanks for all of the dancing, drinking, laughing, kissing & awkward moments with a cute embarrassed Waitress.

*Sigh* Good (unexpected) times were had, I have the photos and videos to prove it.

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