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End Of Me


I used to be right for all the wrong reasons.
I can’t be who I once was with you looking at me the way you do.

With each kiss you teach me to be fearless.
You always break through the heartache.

Remember those lonely days no longer.
Here by your side, let our future set us free.

Never look back.
I look forward to you.

I love you, I love us.
You are the end of me.

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Your absence is my only fear.
When there’s no one to hold onto,
I hold onto your memory still.
With every thought you burn brighter.

Your spirit fills the abyss.
I’ll never know what empty is with this feeling I won’t soon forget.
If I had three wishes, I’d wish for you, every single time.

You take me back.
Back to a time, a place, something beautiful.
Take me back, take me whole.

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Take Me

Being in your arms reminds me of the sweetness of Summer.
This is why I come alive when you come around.

At night the light I see in your eyes keeps my troubles at bay.
All the things we say & do because we have each other.

Being “yours” means more than silver or gold.
So give me the gift of your warmth when you come around.

Love is a revelation, not a tragedy.

The better angels of our nature rise to the top when we’re together.
Take me by the hand with every word you live & breathe.

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Talk to me
Trust me with your words wrapped in emotions
Tell me your pain or pleasure, own it
Take your time, relive each moment if you must

Every word I’ve known has tried it’s hand at you
No meaning alone grasps your subtleties
You just know that you know more than you’ve seen
Pride & pain dance in vein knowing that you’ll outlast their routine

Ask what you will
Many mysteries want to be solved
Tell me what you want
Let me believe with you in that which gets the best of you

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Flirt with my imagination
Move with my attention in mind
Touch this life like the miracle that you are
Shine some light on this current condition
Put me under

Take your time & my breath
You know that I won’t say no

This composure’s an act, an illusion
Strip away everything, start from the top
The bottom line’s you’re my Doctor
I trust you with my body & mind

You made an impression way before your skin found it’s way against mine
You know your way around me so well
You’re good, I’m better because of you
Nothing is as impressive as what your company does to me
It’s never too much, just right, so right

Take your time & my breath
You know that I won’t say no

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