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Cover To Cover


I’m bound cover to cover
Every word tattooed into the pages of your being I believe
I’m not immune to your charm

I like the way you think
Your tongue is more dangerous than any weapon
Blow me away with all the things you say

Just one word undoes everything
Even when it’s wrong, it’s still right
Make each and every one your own

Lend me your voice tonight
You know just what to say to keep me coming
Our word play pulls us closer together

Lost in your boundless beauty
Less is more addictive skin to skin
I need the skin you’re in to get me out of my head

The dream is never done
Caught up in this new chapter, it’s amazing
We’re rearranging and changing every definition

Desire begins in the mind
Even when it’s wrong, it’s still right
We’re bound cover to cover

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WTF: Sex In The Afterlife


How? What? Why?

The idea of this makes me cringe, and then laugh uncomfortably.  This reminds me of a card from the game “Cards Against Humanity” which states:

F**king a corpse back to life.

This isn’t about Necrophilia, but it’s still just as odd of a concept.

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On days like today I go a bit overboard.
I love like I’m losing it, I’m kinda lovestoned.
You asked for a letter, I gave you a book instead.

Called you in the morning, you didn’t pick up, got your sweet old lady instead.
Thirty pages dedicated to you, there’s more to come, but I had to cut it off somewhere so I could go to bed before I lost my head.
You are so beautiful, can’t you see it on days like this.

Thought about taking you out & lavishing you, then words like broke came to mind.
So I put pen to paper instead of spending paper on Hallmark moments because I want this moment to mean something.
I hope you get this message.
I hope you feel something.
I hope.

Someone got a peek at one of the pages; cried me a river and asked me where the ring was at.
I told her that was just the dedication, she froze and finally said, “There’s more to that!?”
I nodded, showed her one poem & let her watch me write the last page.
She looked at me and said “She’s yours.”
Now I don’t know if you’re a crier like she was, but I hope each page gives you something to feel.
I went from sweet to a fever-pitch, ran the gambit on everything.
I only that it will be enough.
Will it ever be enough?

I fought with Cupid till we were at a standstill.
He shot me and said that I deserved it.
I think he slapped me with V.D., not with vampires or diseases, but days like today about love & loving it.
So I laid my weapon down & closed the book.
This pen’s out of ammo now, and I don’t know what to do with it.

On days like today I go a bit overboard.
I love like I’m losing it, I’m kinda lovestoned.
You asked for a letter, I gave you a book instead.

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Some Advice From Strangers In paradise

“You try to be so calm and casual about everything, but you’ve got a beast in you! You can’t hide it forever…” – Katchoo

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