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What’s In My Bucket?

I have a few items to cross off my bucket list. I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve neglected to post my progress.

Stay tuned.

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Flight for Sight Fundraiser Pt. 1

Learn to Fly

Learn to Fly

Please help support my friend’s event on November 26, 2011 @ 7:30pm at The Corner Place.

I can’t wait to join her this weekend so we can see our ideas and everyone’s passion for this project come to life. She has been working hard on getting this fundraising event together for her friend who just came back from Kenya bringing Eye Cancer awareness to Principals in schools in the slums along with other small communities.

In developing countries, 60% of children die within a year of going blind. Children with treatable diseases, principally cataract, can have their sight restored. Childrens’ eyes cannot, however, be considered smaller versions of adults’ eyes, and specific expertise and equipment are required. It has been estimated that there are 1.4 million blind children in the world.

The evening raises awareness about the Kenyan initiatives of So Kids Can See, Daisy’s Eye Cancer Fund, The Five With D.R.I.V.E Foundation and Hanne Howard Fund. We will be serving hors d’oeuvres and cocktails and you have a chance to win to learn how to fly.

Visit: for more information.
Please come and support this amazing initiative.

Buy your tickets now:

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World Prematurity Day

Before the Thanksgiving festivities start today, I wanted to bring some attention to this cause that I am supporting. I was born prematurely, but luckily I’ve grown up with little to no health problems, although I’ve known others that were not so lucky. For all of the Preemies that have been born, are being born right now and that will be born, let’s find a way to help give them a fighting chance.

I’ll follow-up on this event on November 17, 2011 with a blog about my own personal stories & an update as to how this event is shaping up. I have another cause/event that I am helping a friend/coworker with, I’ll bring you guys up to speed on that in another blog post.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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The List (#19 Completed)

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19. Spend time alone with close friends and reconnect

I just came to the realization that this past weekend allowed me to reconnect and bond with not just one friend, but ten. I also had the pleasure of getting to know Mama, Tommy, Axel, Anna & a few neighbors that ended up shopping cart racing with my friends and I. I’m glad that everything worked out the way it did this weekend, it was worth it.

Please check out my last post, “I Smell Like Campfire & Bacon” for more hilarious details.

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The List (#20 Completed)


20. Give a heartfelt surprise to someone

You Wear That Cliche Well

Today I had the pleasure of literally giving a co-worker “the shirt off my back”.

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