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Don’t Stand A Chance

I don’t have a choice.
I don’t stand a chance.
I will find your love and myself wrapped in your arms.
Without hesitance, without regret everything will be worth it.
Somehow I know I’m right even though everything tells me that I’m wrong.
For you this time is the only one worth remembering.
So we’ll take a page from our parents and pray that change will come through us.
Who knew that we could love so much after losing so much.
Thank God you didn’t put a lock on your heart.
Instead you kept me inside, but I’m not a prisoner, I stay by choice.
Be still I tell myself while I lie close to your heart.
You may not get it yet, but you know that you’re gonna get it good when you let me in.
Do you see the shape we take while we’re so close together?

You can’t make this up or push this away.
Despite our differences, I’m just like you.
Count the ways we’ve been there for each other.
Looking back we’ve never left each others side.
You’re not alone.
You know that I’ve got no place that I can go to get away from you.
Somebody gets me.
Somebody’s got me stopped in my tracks, bound by their beauty.
Even in the deep darkness of the night, it’s your memory that gets me through.
Whoever said that love was an option never met you.
I don’t have a choice.
I don’t stand a chance.
I know I’m in too deep.

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With nowhere to go, we have no reason to hold back any inklings of desire.
Here we are months later making something out of nothing as our passions overflow.
You escape but never elude me as your name slips off the tip of my tongue while I reach around your waistline and pull you into me.
There’s no denying the way you look at me, oh my look at those eyes.

Laugh it off, take it off, but I still can’t shake it off – I want you alone.
Lock the doors, dim the lights, light a flame and watch as our thoughts spill into our every move.
I want to set you on fire, but only if I can wake up next to you.
Follow me as I follow through on everything we said we’d do.
It’s time to do something worth remembering.

Push away the building storms in our heads, leave it all behind while we strip away anything that we’ve been holding onto.
Here we’re free to be whatever we want, so let’s get together like newlyweds with that flicker of passion burning bright in their eyes.

Let’s do something we won’t soon forget.
With each touch a flame sparks anew with the intent of spreading to every inch of our bodies.
Your body will burn brighter tonight, who knows what we’ll find in the morning.
Just look at who’s right by your side.
This experience was something worth holding on for.
Just look at what we’ve made.

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