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WTF: Burger King’s Salivating Scent

You Smell Delicious

You Smell Delicious

In 2008, Burger King launched a body spray. This campaign was supposed to compete with the like of Axe (for a limited time). Where was I when this happened?

Flame, a body spray for men, was launched in US stores and even had its own website, the appropriately named

The site proudly proclaimed: “The Whopper sandwich is America’s favourite burger,” before going on to extol the virtues of a perfume that smells like cooked meat.

“Flame by BK captures the essence of that love and gives it to you. Behold … now you can set the mood for whatever you’re in the mood for.”

So women want to smell like other women who have reached meteoric levels of fame & men want to smell like chopped liver, or Whopper in this case. I’m pretty sure I don’t walk into fast food joints looking to cover myself in the musk of beef patties in hopes that my lady friends will want to treat me like a piece of meat. I’m pretty sure I’d end up running from a bunch of hungry dudes instead.

Luis Bejaran, 24, who managed a Ricky’s store on Eighth Street in Manhattan said, “It’s a combination of Axe body spray, TAG and this YSL cologne I have. It’s one of those scents that’s not sweet, and light at the same time.”

Every man wants to hear their woman say, “Mmm, baby you smell so good, I just want to eat you up.”

“Flame”, the ultimate condiment for MEN

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WTF: Square Butts Burger King Music Video

What the HELL was Burger King thinking? This is for a KIDS meal, not an adult Happy Meal.

Here is the full music video:

Here is the commercial cut (Booty is Booty):

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