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Take Over


When I want to fight over nothing
Quiet the fires raging in my mind
When I’m bothered by words that aren’t even true
Give me a good word so true there’s nothing to question

When I’m not sure of anything
Remind me of all the things I wish I knew
When all eyes are on me
Show me that you’re the only one worth seeing

When everything takes me under
Take over
When I’m the worst of the worst
Get the best of me to rise to the surface

Take over
I need you now
Take over

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Chapters (Pt. 2)

With your hands,
you could hold the Sun, the Moon & the stars in place.
But instead you choose to hold me.
So how could I feel anything other than peace?

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It’s True

Don’t let loneliness scare you
While I want to be right by you
I know that it’s wrong
I want to go too far when I hold you close
But I don’t

I want you to know that I’m here
For more than just a night
For as long as you need me
I’ve been ready, been waiting
It’s true

Don’t count the wrinkles on your forehead
They’re not even there
Instead count on me to take away your fears
No worries, I’ll go in blind if I have to
I’m calling on hope to get us through

I want you to hold your head up
You don’t have to look down
Look to me when you’re not sure
We’ve been down this road before
Only this time, you know that I’m with you
It’s true

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Water Works

All it took was a crack of thunder to silence everything.
And everything remained still, anticipating another show of magnificence to cut through the clouds.
Its fun to pretend that everything is changing in one swift motion.
All the past drifting away, slicked back and coated in the kind of fog that hides every strand of light even in the brightest of days.
We could just sit back and have a conversation, but we don’t want to miss a thing, so we just watch as the water works take us away.

Pouring out your soul for all to see.
I’ve found a way to a better day, where tomorrow is sun-kissed and blooming with life and colour.
One can’t help but to stand in awe of the things that surround and cover our many days and nights.
Its with that respect and dignity that i’ll walk through the night with a smile on my face.
All that I can do is hope that something new grows out of this storm that I’ve been swept up in.

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