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Last Night

Last night I realized that my world didn’t revolve around you.
Sure we were out of control, but I decided to stop puffing and pass on going another round with you.
I paid for your ways after we made plans and you wasted time that can’t be spent again.
I’m not all about you when I’ve got more going on with my eyes closed.
Now you’re one of the many instead of the one.
You can’t deny that you denied me of the thing I needed the most.

No more talking behind closed doors from the opposite sides.
I ignored so many red alerts and warnings for you.
I stood my ground and took you down a few pegs for your own good.
You’re not the person I met all those years ago.
I know all about you now and nothing you say can change that.
To be honest you caused the fire in my bones and now I’m going to light the world up.
With or without you, I’m good.
Can you say the same, I don’t think so.

I kept your secrets to keep you close.
Looked the other way so I could keep looking you in the eye.
I lost myself in you, but not completely, I know that now that I’ve turned away.
Somewhere along the way I got tired of covering for you.
I was so focused on your needs that I forgot to pay attention to my own.
Always thought that you knew what you were doing.
But you had my head spinning when you put your wayward world in it.
Now worlds apart I’m heading for new avenues.

Done waiting & debating, talking myself into you.
I just wanted to be yours, not his or hers or theirs.
All of these regrets are nothing new, but the love I’m getting is.
Last night I had a good time and I did it all without you.
If I have my way, every day and night will be like last night.
Never thought that things would end up like this, but now I can’t wait to do this again.

Never in your wildest dreams could I have been the person that I got to be while I was out on the road with some good company.
My first time fears fell away as I got close to someone new.
They could hear the smile on my face as I got away from what I knew and fell into love anew.
My heart is still racing.
In the quiet afterthought of everything that we said and did, I realized that I did this for me.
This is what I was chasing after.
I’m more real than I’ve ever been.
Now that I’ve turned around and danced to this new song, I’m free.
I’m free.

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