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The Boy Next Door

He’s been closer to you than you ever knew. He was always passing through your orbit, like a satellite. He was never the most popular guy at the party, but he was the one you always remembered. For some reason everything seemed to get better the closer he got to you. And one fine day your paths finally crossed for more than a second. You found a fiber of something to connect to.

Over time he went from always being next door to being next to you; inseparable. He answered when you called, listened when you spoke & always left you wanting more. You wanted to be more than a thought & you knew that he had become more than a friend. Early morning wake up calls & late night chats were second nature; you were the first voice he heard in the morning & he was the one that put you to sleep at night. You thought of each other, felt for each other & saw something in one another than no one else could see. He respected you & you could tell. He never asked you for anything other than your company, and maybe you wished that he would.

He loved you & you could feel it, he didn’t have to say it, and yet he did. Time & time again he loved you with his words, with glances, with his embrace & through his actions. He saw your scars & called them beautiful & he embraced your flaws while poking fun at you. Throughout all of lives changes, he stayed the same, so that what you had would never change. So what happened?

Everyone talks about the “girl next door”, but who remembers the “boy next door”?
Whatever happened to him?

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The Tipping Point

If I care too much, does that make me reckless?
When I feel so strongly, does it make me weak?
My heart goes out to you wherever you are, like an S.O.S. or a shot in the dark, throwing caution to the wind.
Selfishly I’d take a bullet for you, all or nothing sacrifice.
I’ve died many times for you & that was before I ever fell for you.
You inspire me to be fearless & to speak not my mind, but my heart.

I don’t really know how to hide to from you, so I take in everything like a perceptive listener would.
Slow to answer, but quick to hear the way your tears & smiles form on the tip of your tongue, your teeth & your lips.
Such inflection is reflection of the echoing love you project through the words that you’ve chosen to leave me with.
The way you carefully play each word to the beat & hold them close to your heart is with the same reckless passion that I am willing to dive into this new depth with.
No matter the hour your voice carries me to another place where love is not a question, but simply the answer to everything.

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