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Quote: P.O.V.

“When we gain perspective we change perspective.” – Terry McGinnis

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Leave Your Fears

Pointlessly hopeful, craving sweet serenity between every breath.
Feelings under the surface rise above in spite of everything.
When belief and truth come together, meaning is complete.
Life is as complicated as it is compelling.

Maybe tomorrow will be worth the wait.
If you can’t give up everything, what will you gain in the end?
Sacrifice takes what you want and nothing less.
Gave you a life for a life, a heart for a heart.

Can’t keep the future at bay.
Leave your fears at the door.
Leave your fears for me.



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Only change can save us...

Only change can save us…

We’re hungry for love and thirsting for a life worth living.
We’ve reached out into this wild life to no end.
Let your thoughtful design and my distinctive touch coalesce.

Trading caution for clarity in our ultraviolet fantasies.

Only change can save us, so keep it coming.
Watching you lose yourself in me gives me a natural high.
Vigorous Virgos are very vibrant creatures.

We disappear into each other until night becomes day.

She’s changing before my eyes like it’s nothing new.
Choose to be more than meets the eye when the elements become us.
When you’re around I can shed my ways and wasted yesterdays.

We have passion written on our skin.

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Live A Little

How it begins is not how it ends.
Everything in between is yours to try, so carry on.
Try until there are no questions left.

Enjoy the difference.
Trust this time.
Take a chance.

Expose yourself to something unlike anything before.
Only when you’ve died to have something will you find out what you’re truly living for.
Return to me, not as you were, but as someone tried and true.

For every experience there will be a hundred more.
I want you to remember those moments.
I want to see that spark in your eyes that makes everything feel brand new.

Live a little, not for me, for you.

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Thought Less


Intelligence only knows so much.
All these numbers, languages & facts don’t always add up.

If I thought less,
I would admit to my desires.
I would submit to instinct without hesitation, however mercurial my design.

If I thought less,
The quality of my quantity would never even be a question.
I would accept what is, within & without.

My thoughts have got the best of me.
I must let go of all that is black & white tonight.
Everything will change.

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