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Cover To Cover


I’m bound cover to cover
Every word tattooed into the pages of your being I believe
I’m not immune to your charm

I like the way you think
Your tongue is more dangerous than any weapon
Blow me away with all the things you say

Just one word undoes everything
Even when it’s wrong, it’s still right
Make each and every one your own

Lend me your voice tonight
You know just what to say to keep me coming
Our word play pulls us closer together

Lost in your boundless beauty
Less is more addictive skin to skin
I need the skin you’re in to get me out of my head

The dream is never done
Caught up in this new chapter, it’s amazing
We’re rearranging and changing every definition

Desire begins in the mind
Even when it’s wrong, it’s still right
We’re bound cover to cover

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Chapters (Pt. 5)

We become what we want.

We become what we want.

Admit to your desires.

Touch can be more than physical.
Sight can be downright spiritual.
Listening can truly move you.
In every sense you speak to me.

We become what we want.
Let’s not limit ourselves.

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Chapters (Pt. 4)


The way she moved her body was nothing short of alchemy.
She compels me with her sweet simplicity.
Her touch is never uninvited.

Spellbound, maybe I’ve been looking at you too much.
Take it all in, so I can let it all out.
I know all that I need to know when it comes to you, angel.
I love how good you are.
Some things just can’t be taught.

I can’t love anyone the way that I love you.

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Chapters (Pt. 3)


Do what you know.
Go where you’ve already been.
Sure, there’s safety in being the same.

Don’t you want to live a life worth asking “was it a dream”?

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Chapters (Pt. 2)

With your hands,
you could hold the Sun, the Moon & the stars in place.
But instead you choose to hold me.
So how could I feel anything other than peace?

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