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The New Deep

Out from the Deep

Is this the new deep or just the new desperation?
I know that you would have done all of this in a day, meanwhile I’m still struggling to find my way.
I took too long although I can’t take this much longer.
So I turn my attention to the little things and do what I can for now.
These off white walls are just fine by me.
They, like me just need a touch up to bring everything back to life.
I’m done with darkness, no more black mirrors or states of mind.
All is well on the other side.

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Your Delicate Frame

They say that the biggest surprises come in the littlest packages and you my dear are proof of that.
Day after day you put your heart out on display.
Baby girl there’s no reason for you to hide your sweet & divine innocence, let it shine.
When life gets the best of us, somehow you still remain the best of us.
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Late Nights (Cologne)

I could give you something to smile about.
Years from now when you’ve settled down with the next best thing, I’m what you’ll be daydreaming about.
I won’t keep you waiting, no hesitation on my part as I part your red seas while you say “Oh my God”.
With just a touch you’re already breaking down.
Its not what’s being said that’s turning you inside out, its how it flows out of me that’s got you running wet.
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