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Blend your nature with mine, with a look to paint the sky.

Blend your nature with mine, with a look to paint the sky.

You sound so good.
We could be so good.
I match your tone in my own way.
I hear your voice in the back of my mind.
When you call, I respond.
Stay in sync with me without a word.

If your yesterday’s out of place, we’ll let the past be the past
and find a future in every word beyond the hours before us.
Cross the line, redefine what I’m saying for yourself.
Take me out of my element & put yourself in my place.

I’ll admit I’m a little colorblind whenever you find your way with me.
You could compliment my cool with your heated heart on high.
Blend your nature with mine, with a look to paint the sky.

Our Melody could be simply divine, if we had nine months to bring our dream to life.
We are far from empty in this relaxed little groove of ours.
We are what we desire, let me enjoy you.
Shape your voice into what I am, safe & sound when you inhale my smile.
Do you ever feel the same way too?

Eyes opened, breathing steady when I put you first & follow through.
Complete me with your counterpoint pleasingly.
Tell me that we’ll fill the empty with something good each & every night & day.
I get the impression that I’ve got you & you’ve got me.
Simultaneous release when I feel you with me.

This could be the start of a moment that will never disappear beneath our breaths.

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Cobalt Nights


All that was needed was a partner in crime.
And the only crime you’d be guilty of is being mine.
I used to be cobalt blue after you, so what’s one more night alone?
You can tell them everything I’ve done, it all amounts to nothing.
For the last time every last line you’ve laid out is coming down to put you away for good.
I don’t hate you, I don’t have to.
Our separation didn’t have to be so hard, but you just had to take me down to the fighting end for no good reason.
I promise that forgetting you will be easier than dancing on the cracks of every broken step.
You can’t be what you never were & I won’t watch our colours fade while you’re thinning away.
One by one each gamble you made with our happiness is coming up empty.
Don’t call me to be by your side when you were never there to see me through the pain.
Tell me something I couldn’t tell myself.
I’ll be taking my leave like last year did after the stroke of midnight.
I won’t let you paint my world with your views from the background, I’ve come too far to be tainted.
Beyond every sea of red is the clear air of an end.
Every black streak in these veins will be washed away, there’s no poison to keep you sustained.
May my love never end & may you find a friend, but it won’t be me.
Tell me that I am the only one after you’re the only one left behind.
Brighter nights make for better days & I have had more than my share in your absence.
Everything isn’t so black & white.
Love is a gradient not a wash.


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The Black & The Gray

Lovely head to toe black on white approaching me.
Standing close to me it’s plain to see why you naturally appeal to me.
Taste your scent, like your look, love your feel.
Familiarity quickly connects all of our senses.
Subtly the brightness of your darkness found its way over to me.
When someone as strong as you makes their presence known, the whole room takes notice.

Not quite the yin to your yang.
I’m blurred in gray.
Soft tones, unsure of whether I should be good for you or just good at being bad.
It feels very different to be consumed by the middle of this colored spectrum.
I’m the continuation of your black & white views with my black & gray stance.
Your soft long hair & my short rugged shave felt just right.

I sway when you stand still & listen when you talk.
You trust me enough to give me your number, your comfort, your time & your touch.
We mix our light & dark qualities with ease.
Take something away unless our bodies desire to stay.

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