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Good On Paper

Made a list, couldn’t check it off.
So I left it on the kitchen wall where I can’t ignore it.
Almost ran out of space from all of the possibilities thrown down frantically as they escaped me.
Dotted lines & point-form questions got off my mind & took up the page.
Always knew that I thought too damn much,
but I never knew how it would make me feel.
Faced it all after the fact, read it back & lost my breath again.
Walked away just to come right back.
I’m not trying to convince you of anything.
Without you nothing’s certain, that’s for sure.
Left a space for you to fill, don’t waste it.
Don’t tell me what I want to hear, tell me what is real.
What is really going on here?
Did I ever stand a chance?
Everything looks good on paper.

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Just Breathe

“I’m okay…” she says.

Between sharp breaths and gasps it becomes apparent that she isn’t, but she will be.

She laughs it off and we laugh with her to the point where we are almost crying. Was it the dolphins, the berries or my hug that made her lose it again?  Who knows?

Who cares?
We do and you should too.

Its all fun and games when we tease each other, but make no mistake, we will look out for you.

Take care, and lay off the berries.

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