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We light up at night with nothing to fight.
Feed into our desires with friction & emotion.
Doing all the wrong things the right way.
Forget what we think, we know only what we feel.

We control who we are so much.
We can be free together.
Push me against a wall, press yourself into me with intensity & purpose.
Confess your attraction for me with your lips enveloping mine.
Take me, without a word.

My hands hold onto you for dear life, I need you now.
Let me remind you that you’re mine, as much as I am yours.
My lips tasting all the parts of you I can’t resist,
until my hunger has exhausted your will to think before you act.

Let me get a good look at you until our fantasies begin to see reality.
Wet my appetite.
The gravity of all I feel will fill you.
No rest until every bit of you has known every inch of me.
I can’t move without your whispers escaping into me.
Explode into existence with me.

I want your sex.
Give it to me, I’ll give it back to you.

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Darkest Passions

Do you ever think when you’re alone, “Are you holding back, like the way you always do?”

Sometimes the darkest passions cast a new light on everything before us, revealing so much that it hurts. Such humanity, desperate to be realized & accepted. We’ve tried & tried, but this sensation never really goes away, it may be ignored & suppressed, but it never can never be put out.

Emotions tend to trickle off into other emotions & fuel them in surprising ways. A cycle repeated, building up just to break down. When our hearts reach a fever-pitch, its us that burns down, not the one that set us ablaze.

I guess that’s why we do bad things in order to do good. It’s not an excuse, merely an observation.

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Quote: Neediness & Compromise

“The person who wants the deal the most gets the worst deal. So don’t shop when you’re hungry because you will crave everything.”

When you have to come to a sound decision, avoid situations in which you may feel pressured to arrive at a particular answer. In those situations you lose your objectivity. Take your time before coming to a conclusion.

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Control of what I say.
Control the situation.
Control, something I’ve been avoiding.
Used controllers rarely work like they should.
Just when everything seems fine, a glitch in the system reminds you why they’ve been used.
I’m used to being civilized, used to being kind & used to showing respect.
What are you used to?

Decisions, decisions, so little time for reflection.

I did what people told me.
Don’t push my buttons & don’t try to sway me, I’m not your toy.
I’m human.
I’m tired.
I’ve had enough of everything.
It all seems so pointless.
What is there left to defend or depend on?
What good will come of this?
Which is the greater good?
I don’t want facts or fiction, I just want the truth.
Blind as justice & as bold as love.
I want something to believe in again.

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Brooding & Contentment

Brooding (Adjective)
1. Showing deep unhappiness of thought.
2. Appearing darkly menacing.

Guys, do you want to look sexy and get the girl? Don’t smile too much. Look brooding or show a bit of shame instead. Women are attracted to guys like James Dean, Dean & Sam Winchester or Edward the “Twilight” vampire. The guys who are flawed, but who know it and are tortured by it. I know this to be true lol.

Being content seems to be a temporary phase at times, a place holder for something more, something certain and definable. Emotions don’t need reason, all they need is fuel and something to aim for.
Emotions never truly die, they just come back in another form & give birth to another reaction. When you feel something strong do you ever wonder “Is this the end or just the beginning? Where did this come from?”

Earlier today I said to someone, “Love is comforting, but it isn’t always convenient.”

As usual I didn’t think about what that meant for me or where that line even came from. And now here I am wide awake and receptive to the possibility that I might finally have found something or someone to be truly happy about, if only I’d take the plunge (that’s a marriage term, I realize that and NO I’m not proposing!). I want someone to love me for who I am. I can’t explain everything right now, but I’ve decided that I can’t leave this lingering question hanging over my head.

“Don’t forget the truth; it’s always a good starting point.”

I haven’t felt even an inkling to write from since late November and in the last few days I’ve had a flood of passion, direction and questions that weren’t content with simply remaining in my head. So here I am feverishly writing again while hanging on for dear life.

On the verge of another unsuspecting sunrise, I don’t know what tomorrow holds, but as long as I have something to believe in and someone to hold, I’ll be more than fine.

It’s good to be back. Thank you for joining me & thank you for letting me into your life.

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