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Is this ALWAYS true?

Is this ALWAYS true?

This is true for a few women that I know. They ask me what I think & as soon as I give them an answer they say,

“Why would you say that!?”

“Well I’m not saying that you’re wrong, but you’re not right either.”

“I should ask _____. (Why am I asking you?)”

Which leads me to think that I really should just echo their sentiments to make them feel better, rather than actually wasting my time & energy putting thought into an honest response.


What do you want me to say?

If you just want to hear what you want, get a parrot or some cheerleaders. Don’t ask me what I think, because you might be surprised by what comes out of my mouth (and you might not like it).

If you want somebody to stroke your ego even when you’re in the wrong, choose carefully & don’t choose me.

“The truth will set you free… But it will probably piss you off first.”

I’m not saying that what I say is the absolute & undisputed “truth”, but it is my truth because that is what I believe in that moment based on what I have come to know. Sometimes I will play “devil’s advocate” & other times I will simply state something & leave it open to your interpretation.

We don’t have to agree on everything (or anything for that matter).

“Why won’t you lie to me? Lie to me, baby. Lie to me baby, one last time…” ~ George Nozuka, Lie To Me

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Cutting through the silence, your words come rushing forth.
You say what I feel until I can feel no more.
Everything that I knew comes knocking on my door.
Until you’re finished speaking my mind, I won’t be able to find that solitude I left behind.

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Quote: The Second Best Thing

“Smile. It’s the second best thing you can do with your lips.” – Anonymous

I’ll leave you to figure out what the “first” thing is for yourself. To each, their own.

And yes, I am smiling, among other things.

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Subscriber Interview with “The Wandering Mind” by RawMultimedia

Here is a subscriber interview Ricardo from RawMultimedia did with me last month! I’ve been following this blog for quite some time & have gotten to know Ricardo. Somehow in all of my excitement (and semi-drunken stupor) I forgot to post this on my OWN blog. Make sure to stop by RawMultimedia where something is always going down & NOTHING is off topic. Thanks again, Ricardo.

Allure Art Life

subscriber interviewHello Friends and Fellow Creative Blog Community…welcome to a new series titled “Subscriber Interview“.

Subscriber Interview is a series on my blog where I, Richardo the writer/host of the blog talks and interviews his subscribers each week and find out a little more about them and what they do. It’s designed to keep the blogging community alive and also show others who is out there in the blog universe.

Without no further ado, here we go.

Today I have the pleasure to interview Stephen in which is a loyal subscriber of mines and also a fellow blogger who blogs about poetry, life and more and has a blog at aka “The Wandering Mind“. I hope you get to check him out. Well let’s find out a bit about Stephen shall we. Enjoy! 🙂

What is your name and what do you enjoy doing for fun?

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Quote: Some Connect

“Some words & some people will never connect, but you won’t know until you say something.” – Me

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