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Cover To Cover


I’m bound cover to cover
Every word tattooed into the pages of your being I believe
I’m not immune to your charm

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Friend of Mine


Friend of mine, don’t let me die in my ways.
Guide me towards happiness without an end.
I’ve been living as though I’ve already flat-lined.
Get me out of my mind, make me feel better than any way I can think of.

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You’re my shadow on solid ground; proof that I exist.
I see things in a new way after filtering them through you.
You sound like me, but you say things that I wouldn’t even dare to think of.
We’re two sides of the same coin because you bring the change that I’ve been needing.
When the winds blow, I know that you are near.

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Quote: Drunk on Duplicity

“The funny thing about betrayal is that everyone’s got their own version of it. You can’t see it, but its always playing in the background. Some people tune it out & others turn it up until it becomes the soundtrack to their life.” – Me (after a glass of wine, second hand smoke & a history lesson on duplicity)

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Casual Vacancy

My casual vacancy during conversation is proof of my boredom & constant thinking. I guess I’m mourning the death of thrilling conversations & I’m not in the mood to have a staring contest.

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