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By The Numbers

A first won't happen twice.

A first won’t happen twice.

You can’t play by numbers
Not unless you understand what those numbers mean
A first won’t happen twice

Back to square one, I don’t think I’m gonna go there anymore
I’m beyond the beginning
Results are what we make them
Are even odds too much to ask for?
Colour outside the lines

You are the question minus the answer
You’re two parts lost & one part found
You will follow through until you’re on the other end of an equal sign
Right there at a moment’s grace, taking in everything

Sometimes no matter how much you do, it all amounts to nothing
From time to time
You can only count on a silver-lining & a calm state of mind when hearts beat violent
Had countless losses
Take it all away & all that’s left is neccessary

You can’t play by numbers
Not unless you understand what those numbers mean
A first won’t happen twice

A first won’t happen twice
Wait for it
A first won’t happen twice

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Who’s Counting

I don’t know where you came from, but I know where you should be.
Its not a question of where you’ve been, but of whether you’d like to kick it with me?
You weren’t on my radar for months at a time, but now that I’ve picked you up, I want you all the time.
When we’re together our hands move around like the long and short hands on a clock, from the top to the bottom and back around again.
No matter when or how we start it off, we always end up wanting more time together to make up for the minutes we’ve spent apart.

What is up with this friction between us?
Every time we get close we create heat like a sunny day on Miami Beach.
Its all about those early mornings and late nights when we get together and even with no sleep, we both have never felt better.
I don’t know what you’re on, but I’m running on nothing but your touch and constant teasing, so let me continue to run on ‘E’.
I don’t plan on asking where you’re going because I know that you’ll end up with me.
I can’t replace the space that you fill so effortlessly.

So tell me who’s counting the steps it took:
To get here & to stay near.
To feel you inside me even when you’re not near.
To catch your scent in the air & wander around aimlessly, intoxicated by your presence.
It’s all about you these days, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
It is all about you today and everyday afterwards, if I have my way.
Tell me how can I count anything that you do when you’re so priceless.

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