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WTF: Bikinis is Now Officially A Town

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Doug Guller, who owns a bar and restaurant chain in Texas, purchased the long-abandoned Texas town of Bankersmith after seeing an ad on Craigslist.

To shake things up, he renamed the town Bikinis.

Yes, I said Bikinis.

It’s to expand on the bar/restaurant combo Bikinis, which he also created. The eatery, opened in 2001, is a place where women serve drinks and food in bikinis.

“Bikinis, Texas, will be a world-class destination, and I am thrilled to expand the Bikinis brand to include town ownership,” Guller said to the Statesman. “There can’t be a better way to put Bikinis on the map, literally.”

Guller plans to host events in the town and he is hoping the first one will be this fall. He purchased the town for an undisclosed amount.

Bankersmith/Bikinis isn’t the only town put up for sale recently. In April, an unidentified buyer from Vietnam purchased the town of Buford, Wyoming for $900,000. It had a population of one – Don Sammons. Sammons moved there with his wife in 1980 and purchased the town in 1992, six years after his wife died. The 61-year-old Sammons decided to sell the town and move in with his son in Colorado.

Bankersmith was founded in 1913 as a railroad town. The population dwindled after the tracks were abandoned in 1935, and by 1949 there were just 20 residents. Today there are none, but that may change. Especially if the town is aptly-named.

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WTF: Best Craigslist Ad EVER!!


Date: 2011-02-07, 3:58PM EST
Reply to: see below

My name is Travis Broyles and I will do whatever* you want me to do for less money than whoever you are paying to do it now.

Below is a list of just some of the things I can do. I do want to stress that I DO ANYTHING so email me if your requested service is not listed here.

Things I Will Do For $5:
Stare at you for 5 minutes
Give a hug to the person of your choosing
Call you on the phone and seem genuinely interested for 10 minutes
Draw your face on a balloon
Sing Barenaked Ladies’ “One Week” from memory to the best of my ability
6 minutes of copywriting

Things I Will Do For $10:
Write your new theme song
Sing your new theme song on your voicemail
Spin until I throw up or you lose interest
Rename your Pokémon
Host a conference call with you and a person that you’ve always thought was cool but never really got the chance to hang out with, you know?
12 minutes of copywriting

Things I Will Do For $50:
Break-up with your boyfriend or girlfriend
Help you quit smoking (I’ll call you every day for a month and yell “HEY DON’T SMOKE”)
Tell the person you like that you think they’re cute and what if you had sex together?
Try my best to fly in a public place for an hour
Make you a really great profile picture
1 hour of copywriting

Things I Will Do For $100:
Tell your kids which one is actually your favorite, and what the others could do to improve their standings
Fight someone much smaller or girl than me
Email you a list of 250 things I like about you (need access to any and all social network accounts)
Clean most of your house and apologize for the things I didn’t
Deliver 5 fully cooked DiGiorno pizzas right to your door (5 mile radius from my home)
2 hours of copywriting

Things I Will Do For $1,000:
Host an event (will not host anything racially insensitive, e.g. human being auction)
Give a PowerPoint presentation on team building to your business and/or extended family
Rename your children
Build you a cardboard car and make vroom-vroom sounds while you drive it
Star treatment for a month (I’ll hide in bushes and take pictures of you)
20 hours of copywriting

Things I Will Do For $100,000:
Yell your name every time I wake up for the rest of my life
Change my political and spiritual leanings
Screen all your phone calls for five years
Recreate the best day of your life (or worst, whatevs)
84 straight days of copywriting *BEST VALUE*

If interested, email me at

*Prices and tasks are subject to negotiation. I will not murder or steal or perform a legendary murdersteal. No rapes, and the sex has to be unrelated to the payment, like “Oh, after you’re done cutting those trees down, do you want some lemonade?” but the lemonade means sex, mostly.

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