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One Day In A Cafe

Sitting side by side with soothing drinks in hand we chatted about far off dates and our own closeness.
Open to discussions about nothing and everything, we left no stone unturned.
While we sat watching people watching other people, God smiled down on us.
The low hum of songs and laughter from conversations carried on eased us into our time together.
I know you in the same way that you know me now.

With hands rested upon one another, we are if anything, close.
With a table full of treats we are content to go on like this for hours on end.
Bathed in the natural light of this atmosphere we can’t help but to smile as we look around at the day we have ahead.

Tracing my fingers from your smile to your fingertips, I can tell that you feel me.
I feel safe in your embrace regardless of the people or place surrounding us.
You’re the brightest light I’ve got.
Somehow all the chatter around us doesn’t even make a sound as you tell me about your ideas & dreams of sandy beach weddings.

Stirring around in our minds is a future filled with warm embraces and a life we’ve never known but were always dying to meet.
As we played like children with this prospect, I asked you to give this moment a name, but instead you looked to me and I said “Layla”.
The look on your face said it all, you would love my Layla and I would take care of your Jafar, our twins.

I can’t disagree with the possibility of being a part of your life after today.
At the very least, it was and will continue to be a nice thought.
You’re the brightest light I’ve got.
Today our daughter was born out of playful conversation and our son followed soon thereafter.
“You better not forget this day. Will you remember their names?”
How could I forget?

Orange like the Sun and transparent like our conversations, there stood two stirring sticks next to our cups.
Mixing our drinks and dreams together in one swift motion.

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WTF: What?! A Baby Porcupine Hedgehog! » Allison Mack’s Official Site

I must admit that this is sickeningly cute. A baby porcupine hedgehog!!!
Are you kidding me?!?!

via Allison Mack’s Official Site » Blog Archive » What?!.

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