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Oh how we’ve fallen.
Down low, beyond the ground we walk on.
Blocking out everything we just aren’t ready for.
The price is too high and I don’t know why.
The man in me keeps on walking out.
Leaving you behind.

Trying to find something to wash you from the walls of my mind.
But I still see you daily.
Your voice still calls my name.
You’ve left me with no one to blame & nothing’s ever been the same.

All the risks I would’ve taken seem so daunting now.
I’m not invincible and I’m not ready to fall apart.
So forgive future, I can’t see you now.
So close and yet I never knew.
Look how far I’ve gone without you.
I didn’t know, I didn’t remember.
You were mine & I walked away.
Blank as a slate, because I couldn’t face it all.

Mountains ain’t made out of clay & I just can’t walk away.
No not this time, not knowing what I know now.
You are mine, I left you behind.
How foolish of me, how could I not see?
You were waiting for me.
And I was falling too fast to see.
I’m sorry son, I never took the time to hold you.
I’m sorry love, I lost heart when I lost you.
And I’m sorry now, I only hope that I can be there for you.

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