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What’s Playing Tonight

What's playing tonight? We are.

What’s playing tonight? We are.

“How long do you make guys wait?” – Me

“Make them wait?” – Jenn

“Uh… How long do you let them wait?” – Me

“As long as I like!” – Jenn

“Oh thank God, at least you’re being reasonable.” – Me

“So… How’s your love life going?” – Jenn

“It left the building along with my date.” – Me

“You can get another one.” – Jenn

“I already tried doing an exchange. Had to settle for all or nothing. Guess what I chose?” – Me

“Ass. You’re lucky you’re cute & charming.” – Jenn

I laugh.

“I didn’t realize you were checking out my ass. Your ass looks great in those jeans by the way.” – Me

She laughs & shakes her head.

“So what are you doing tonight?” – Me

“Nothing now. I wanted to see this ‘dumb’ Will Farrell movie, but no one wants to see it.” – Jenn

“I’m available.” – Me

“You’re not very subtle though… I kinda like that.” – Jenn

I whip out my phone.

“The next show’s playing in 40 minutes & our tickets are already paid for.” – Me

“Wha…. What!? Wait. How’d you do that so fast?” – Jenn

“It’s a movie, not our ‘first time’, why wait.” – Me

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I wanted to take it slow
But your body won’t let me
You gave me a reason & I took it all in
Everything refuses to move when you’re in my view
A moment of honesty
You want to break the rules too, I can tell
You run through red lights everytime you take it off

Sooner or later I won’t be able to stop my lips from kissing you
Let’s fast-forward to the part where you’re in my bed & I’m giving your head a rush
Then we’ll rewind & do it all over again
Just so I can see you rollback in ecstasy

You can push my buttons & tweak my settings
Ring the alarms, break the sound barriers
We’ll go from zero to mach five with a glance
Blur the line between being young & restless
Leave our labels blowing in the wind
Going this fast must be bad for our health
But who wants to live forever anyway?

We don’t see the difference
What’s an hour when a second is all it takes to get you going?
I want to see what your love looks like when you don’t say anything at all
All I want to do is let my hands travel around your body like a Visa

I want you & you want me
Quit pumping the brakes
Doesn’t matter what we say, it’s going to happen
We can slow down while we catch our breaths
I wanted to take it slow
But I want you more & you want it now
All this time is nothing without you

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Temporary Love (More & More)

Being elusive beats being exclusive.

Tonight you’re out on your own
You cancelled all your plans
Who needs love when it’s just a temporary convenience
Once or twice was enough
Don’t have any use for something tried & true
It’s gotta be fresh & new, tailor-made
I’m into you & I’d like to get into you like a good remedy
Let me in your brain, let me fill your veins from start to finish, running through your every nerve

More & more

I wish you’d learn how to love
But being elusive beats being exclusive
Blink & you’re gone before they have a chance to notice
They always want what they can’t have, right
So what do you want?
To know that I’m built to last all day & night, like your 24 hour support
Complimenting your every desire, cus when you’re happy I can feel it
Putting you first cus there’s nothing to lose
Finding time to be there, cus what you want is right here

You’re already aiming for the door
And I want you to be here because you want to be
One of these days, we could rewrite the history books if you’d let me access your library
It’s your world while your mind’s transforming
You thought that you had to pay to play because of your conditioning
Real love is unconditional, you’ll see once it overwhelms you

More & more

Our bodies keep coming together like magnets
Try as you might, you can’t fight what’s embedded
Love, you’re more than temporary & you know it
Don’t act like I never told you

More & more

That rush you get at first glance could take you higher if you’d let it sink in
You won’t take the time to show them your heart
What’s wrong with being known?
You have to want it
I want it all because I want you & nothing else

More & more

You can’t help thinking there’s a reason you met me
Forget about where you’ve been
I want you to think about me & you
Love is made of what you put in
I don’t know if you made plans or not, but we can do anything when the time’s right
Baby I love you in case you didn’t notice
Love, you’re more than temporary to me
You’re more than temporary love

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Quote: Past Lovers

I’ll try to remember that.


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Game of Hearts

Game of Hearts

Game of Hearts

Crushes can break you & love can make you
Dates come & go, but partners never leave you stranded
It’s that ride or die tide coming in everytime I sign up to ship out with you

Think about it for a second
You don’t gamble with certainty, you take risks with the unknown
Faith ain’t blind when you’re listening to your heart & mine
Love isn’t a crutch, it isn’t something you hold onto
Unless my black heart breaks your big heart & my views make your tears swell
You don’t have to worry about a thing
Once the words “I will change” become a regular part of every conversation
That’s your cue to move on & make reservations

We don’t always do what’s best for us because we’re afraid of being “selfish”
But it’s not selfish if you’re doing what’s right
Making moves on strangers while ignoring the heartbeat of your back home love is unforgivable
So if you can go a day or more without thinking of another, maybe it’s time to cut the cord & call it over
Love doesn’t dance with desperation just to feel a spark
Don’t play games with hearts
Every round cuts deep like diamonds

Crushes can break you & love can make you
Dates come & go, but partners never leave you stranded
It’s that ride or die tide coming in everytime I sign up to ship out with you

Player one, game over
You can’t win with a hand full of hearts
You just lose when you try to suit yourself
Every game in town is sleeping around, popping cherries two at a time like pills
One night isn’t worth the fight
Real love doesn’t play for keeps because it isn’t playing at all
Everywhere I go, I’ll have you by my side
So take my hand & we can figure this love game out
Let’s be real & see how that feels
It’s that ride or die tide coming in everytime I sign up to ship out with you

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