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Wonder Woman's "hands on" approach got the message through to this guy loud & clear.

Wonder Woman’s hands on approach got the message through to this guy loud & clear.

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Slicker Than Your Average (Smooth Criminals)

What kind of person can attain diplomatic immunity in EVERY situation? What kind of person is untouchable and slicker than oil? And no, I’m not referring to the dude responsible for Wikileaks.

People Who Get Away with Saying Anything:

  • Scientists
    • By using lines like, “It’s for SCIENCE!” or “By our approximation _______ should happen around such and such time.” they can get away with countless gaffes.
  • Psychologists
    • They wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true. They are trying to help you, so help them help you.

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Hey, That’s My Cape! A Batman Animated Series That Never Was

What if Bruce Wayne never got privately tutored or went to boarding school but attended a regular public high school instead? And what if those halls were filled with teenagers plotting the demise of the student body or scheming to steal bake sale profits? Well, you’d have something called Gotham High.

Artists Jeffrey Thomas and Celeste Green recently they released a batch of never-before-seen Gotham High concept art, based on an old illustration they both created. Sadly, the project was lost in development purgatory, but these amazing images remain. The idea reminds us of Clone High (which is a very good thing). Check out the rest of the art, it’s just downright delightful. And here’s the official synopsis from their site.

via : Hey, That’s My Cape! A Batman Animated Series That Never Was.

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Smallville Season 10 Poster Art | KryptonSite


Destiny Is Now


A new promotional “poster” image for the returning episodes of Smallville Season 10 has been released by the official DC Universe “Source” blog. I think that Clark should be wearing his new “S” duds since he’s no longer donning the Matrix/Death of Superman colors. But Whatevs.

Original Source: Kryptonsite

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First Look: Green Lantern Footage

Entertainment Tonight ran a 30-second teaser for the Green Lantern trailer. As you can see, the footage has a little something for everyone: cosmic action, explosions, Blake Lively, humor, Kilowog, Oa, Ryan Reynolds in his underwear — Warner Bros. is covering its bases with this one.

Green Lantern opens on June 17.

First Look: Green Lantern Footage.

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