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No matter what good I’ve done
Enough will never be enough
Pushed a smile out of the way
Downwards spiraling towards a state of apathy
Today was not meant for me
Tomorrow was not something I could see
Happiness was only ever temporary
Never would there be another reason
This is what depression says to me
Depression has a name & sometimes it’s mine
That is what I struggle to accept
And then there are those days when I truly believe it
It’s something you can’t quite put a finger on
It’s something I have to move beyond


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How Would I Describe Myself?

I constantly tweak my resume & cover letter, and it got me thinking, how would I describe myself if I was applying for the position of being your “friend”, “confidant”, or “romantic interest”?
I quickly jotted down a few terms I’d use & then went back and elaborated a bit on what they mean.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this post are solely those of STEPHEN QUAMMIE & in no way represent what YOU think of him or his views. If you have a different view, clearly state them using proper grammar in this post or on Facebook.

How would you describe yourself?

Ex-introvert: An introvert that comes of rather extroverted at times. I can be perfectly fine spending time by myself or with a bunch of people.

Seriously Funny: I say serious things jokingly & funny things totally straight-faced. I tend to find the humour in most situations even when I really shouldn’t. I’ll do anything for a laugh when I’m in the mood.

Laid-back: I don’t let things get to me. I try to enjoy myself in every environment. I’m up for doing just about anything once.

Oddly Insightful: I have moments of poignant clarity. I’ll say things that come off as being deep & thoughtful. I’m usually rather quiet, but when I say things people tend to remember it.

Creative & Resourceful: I make due with what I’ve got. I tend to improvise & keep things loose. I think of alternatives & fall-back plans on the fly.

Respectful & Understanding: I don’t get offended easily & I try to not offend others. I try to take everything into consideration.

Indecisive: Refer to the last sentence in “Respectful & Understanding”. I tend to weigh everything before coming to a decision. I usually don’t do things impulsively.

Supportive & Helpful: Do you need a hand? I’m willing to listen.

Geeky: I like comics, technology, and just random things.

Night Owl: I come alive at night. I do some of my best work at night, it might have something to do with me being an Insomniac. I have little to no problem with staying up late.

Stylish: Apparently I know how to carry myself. I am constantly complimented for the way I dress. I really don’t put that much thinking into it, I just know what works for me.

Warm & Caring: I like you until you give me a reason not to. I’m willing to go out of my way to make you feel good.

Humble: Can I call myself “humble” & still be considered humble? Fine, what if I say that “other people” tell me that I am humble. I have no qualms with poking fun of myself, I don’t take myself too seriously & I can admit my flaws.

I’m sure I missed a few traits, but you’ll discover them over time.

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Your Delicate Frame

They say that the biggest surprises come in the littlest packages and you my dear are proof of that.
Day after day you put your heart out on display.
Baby girl there’s no reason for you to hide your sweet & divine innocence, let it shine.
When life gets the best of us, somehow you still remain the best of us.
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Your Kind

In a word I could say that you’re natural
You lack nothing and you need not lose a speck of your character
By definition you are rare, its hard to find a person with the kind of spirit you possess
Maybe its something you were born with, that constant need to be in motion, never content with sitting still, but you’re always down with hanging around long after the life of the party has passed

One question was never enough for you, from one came another and from there hours would lose their hold on our plans and we’d lose ourselves in our history
Trust was never a question with you, all you really need is to ask of me what you will
I know that when you care there is nothing you won’t do to see it through till the end, which is why I keep my problems to myself because I don’t want to halt you from all that you do

Words are nothing until we put meaning into them, so with my last words I hope that I get my point across
You’re kind and your kind of love is too much to take in all at once
In short, you are a force of nature

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