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Far Too Close

The things that no one sees are what draws us together, unspoken.

The things that no one sees are what draws us together, unspoken.

Your beauty never ends & that should be no surprise.
It is understood that we’re supposed to only look & not touch.
I’m not blind, I can see your eyes swimming with curiosity.
We could be close to the touch.

I won’t let you slip away, I’ve got a test for you.
Every kiss craves for more by design, there’s just something about it.
Like a lock & key, there’s no mistaking this turn we’ve taken, the door’s open wide.

Your voice escapes your lips & finds it’s way into me.
I’ll be found deep in the depths of where you need me the most.
I feel you in ways your body never knew.
Feels so good, we forgot how to breathe.
This time alone eclipses every experience that has come & gone.

There will be no love by proxy, there is only you & me.
The things that no one sees are what draws us together, unspoken.
I can feel all you’ve ever felt, I can taste your desire.
There’s too much love to stay away.
You’re far too close to stop now.

Sing me a song with each breath.
Part-time love doesn’t pay, we’ll take all the time we need.
You could have me doing anything you please.
Don’t you forget it.
The feeling goes on, and on, and on.

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The unspoken & undeniable truth is that I’ve been sleeping with you every night.
You in your bed & me in mine.
Or rather me in my bed & you resting in my head.
The best laid plans take place at night when I can kill the lights & whisper in your ear.
It can’t be avoided, you pull me in like a blackhole, so I figured it was about time I pulled you in with me.
Rejection by silence is not an option, let me know what you like while I take you under.

Your body is a sleek instrument, let me fine tune it until you’re ready to play.
Let me know which strings to pick & I’ll hit every note.
We are what life sounds like, I love to hear the sounds we make.
Let it out, sing for me.
Nothing should be unspoken while you’ve got a captivated audience.
My mind is on fire with this latest sensation.
Now is the time to make your mind flow while you let your body go.
Without you life would be a mistake, so let’s do this right.

Love me in ways you’ve never dared before.
Show me the way seasons change inside you.
Reaching this climax isn’t our final destination, we’re reaching for the places that no one could ever go.
There’s more to explore, don’t ignore your primal urges.
Share my frame of mind & take heart as I take hold of you.
I can’t dream without your love.
I had a dream & I fear that’s all it will ever be while I’m lying here pretending that you’re closer than you are.
I swear I heard you whispering, I need to feel you close to me.
When I lie this time, I’ll find you resting your head in my bed.
Let’s make this unspoken & undeniable dream come true.

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Quote: Can’t Get No Satisfaction

“Satisfaction is the end of desire.” – Some minimalist who was hard to please


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Up Against The Walls

I didn’t know what to expect when your eyes held mine like I owed you something.
Then you took me in and put me up against the pillars of our attraction and I caved.
I gave in and you took it all in with that devilish grin that grew across your sweet face.
What happened to my angel and the heaven that you promised me?
What happened to my angel, who’s hot as hell with intense passion burning in your eyes?
No one makes you feel this way even if they’ve tried.
I’ve set you off with no fail-safe and now I’ve got to find a way to make it last until you’ve come back to your senses.

You know I don’t care at all that you’ve got me up against the wall.
I’ll do whatever it takes to free you, I’m not going anywhere.
Its your space, now take your place.
Don’t try to fight it, lose control and do as your body told you to do.
Let’s find out what it takes to move you.
Move it to the left, but don’t leave me alone.
Move it to the right, right there is the spot.
When you come back down, I’ll be the one that’s on the ground.
Break me I beg thee.

The Winter’s way of living is one of bundled covers and layered embraces.
That was good and everything, but the time for Lady Winter’s games have passed.
I can’t wait to satisfy my lust for life with a shot of you.
You’re what I desire when I’ve got that fire in my bones.
That’s one shot excitement & one shot of anticipation, straight no chaser.
You’re just like me, so let’s find out what we’re made of.

Anticipation doesn’t listen to the things of yesterday, only tomorrow matters, so that’s where we’re heading.
All the while we haven’t taken a step from this spot.
All of the things we’ve done and places we’ve been have all been experienced with our backs against the walls and our lips pressed against each others.
You should follow your heart from the start.
I wear mine on my sleeve and my top just fell to the floor in your presence.
From sunrise to sundown our silhouettes cast shadows against the walls.
When I let you have your way with me, all we seem to do is tear down these walls.

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How Do You Like Me Now? (Restraining Order)

By the way you move you must have a reason for every step you take,
I figure there must be fire burning in your bones.
Your heart is bigger than your body and it beats bolder than a crack of lightning.
There’s something in you that brings out the real person in me, even a blind man can see that.
Look past the surface, I’m afraid that I’m complicated, but there’s nothing to be afraid of.
If you can get me to like you, then you’ve got me.
You’ve got what I want, I’ll give you that.
I expected to love you, but I didn’t expect to be in love with you like this.

Well I’d rather not know where I’d be if I wasn’t chasing after you.
You won’t see it coming, though they all knew.
It’s always been there, in my stare and in my teasing.
How many times do I have to tell you to get out of your mind?
Get out of your mind and slip into mine and stay there as long as you like.
Love and insanity are somewhat connected, like a flicker to a fire or attraction to desire.
I’ve got what you want and you’ll give in once you say my name after yours and then back again.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, contradiction knows no equal.
We’re repelled by persistence although we love the feeling of the chase.

This is how it starts, first we deny it.
I can’t leave you alone for long, you know that.
We can’t have too much of a good thing.

Then we wonder about it, if only for a moment.
No one told me that your personality would be so addictive.
I’m what you desire.

Then we dance around the idea a little longer than we should.
I’m maintaining restraining this heart, just barely and you’re not making it easy.
I want everything right now.

Then we play games that we seriously shouldn’t, all the while waiting for our turn.
I push you away, just to pull you in closer than you were before.
How do you like me now?

And finally we give in, just enough to let it happen; a slip of the tongue, a slight of the hand.
If we’re lucky we’ll put aside the games and be real.
What happens next is up to you.

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