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Come & Go

Never been a believer.
Don’t care for what they say.
Hearts are made for beating, love is something you say.
Faith just sounds nice, but praying takes away from the chances I could be taking.
Expectations & reality will never cross paths unless I do something.
If only patience didn’t wait so long to get here, I’d still be where I was.
Nowhere at all.

The rest can come & go.
I just thought you’d like to stay.
Not thinking too much of it.
Feelings get in the way.
Not quite a distraction, never an oversight, always here to show me something others don’t see.
But we’d make them see it.

Can’t ignore it anymore.
That wall I hid behind was slowly coming down.
As you listened I wondered if anybody had ever wanted to know me like this before.
I never said anything before because I was afraid of the answer.
The answer is in the feeling, the words are just dressing.
Don’t pass words or use her name.
You were right.
Don’t listen to the words, listen to what you’re feeling.
The rest can come & go.

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