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No matter what good I’ve done
Enough will never be enough
Pushed a smile out of the way
Downwards spiraling towards a state of apathy
Today was not meant for me
Tomorrow was not something I could see
Happiness was only ever temporary
Never would there be another reason
This is what depression says to me
Depression has a name & sometimes it’s mine
That is what I struggle to accept
And then there are those days when I truly believe it
It’s something you can’t quite put a finger on
It’s something I have to move beyond


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You Want It

You want it so bad
But you don’t get it yet
This time you’ve got to break down before you can take off
Stick around long enough & you’ll learn something
Take a picture before you lose your mind

Pulling out all the stops
Gotta make this work this time
Empty out everything you’ve got in your pockets
There’s nothing left to hold on to now
You want it so bad

Don’t lose it now
Somehow it’s not done yet
Don’t forget, it’s in your hands
What are you gonna do?
Make the most of it, don’t let it go
You want it so bad

You can’t help it
Once it’s over there’s no restart
Keep your finger on the pulse
Feel the reality between your fingertips
Hold on to what you can
Nothing will be the same
You want it so bad

You want it so bad
Promise that you won’t forget
What it feels like to fall
Tell me that you’ll still be here
Turn around & take in what you’ve been missing

You know that you want it
Too bad
So bad
You want it

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Quotes: The School of Hard Knocks

I know that feeling.

I know that feeling.

That's some good advice.

That’s some good advice.

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