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Room Service

I know you like every inch of this room.

I know you like every inch of this room.

Made a living inside this room
Found my way with your eyes
Lips pressed against your forehead
You’re no stranger, I know you like every inch of this room
I’ll meet your needs & all that’s in between
What I do, I do for you

Hand to cheek, holding your smile in place
Been this way since we set foot in this place
Fingers running through your hair as though chasing after a dream
But I haven’t left your side, no not even once
Kiss me & we’ll jump & touch the sky

Legs draped over mine, we’re past the point of worrying about crossing lines
Feel my breath escape into you, I’ll keep your soul warm
I don’t have to leave tonight
I just want to know the world inside you
It’s not this place, it’s the company that you’ll keep always

For every laugh, there’s a purpose
For every story, there’s a listener
For every worry, there’s a bright side
For every tear, there’s a capacity for love
Tell me what you want

I’m here to give you what you want
What if I could be what you want?
Ask for me & I’ll be there

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The Tipping Point

If I care too much, does that make me reckless?
When I feel so strongly, does it make me weak?
My heart goes out to you wherever you are, like an S.O.S. or a shot in the dark, throwing caution to the wind.
Selfishly I’d take a bullet for you, all or nothing sacrifice.
I’ve died many times for you & that was before I ever fell for you.
You inspire me to be fearless & to speak not my mind, but my heart.

I don’t really know how to hide to from you, so I take in everything like a perceptive listener would.
Slow to answer, but quick to hear the way your tears & smiles form on the tip of your tongue, your teeth & your lips.
Such inflection is reflection of the echoing love you project through the words that you’ve chosen to leave me with.
The way you carefully play each word to the beat & hold them close to your heart is with the same reckless passion that I am willing to dive into this new depth with.
No matter the hour your voice carries me to another place where love is not a question, but simply the answer to everything.

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