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So That’s How You Found Me

I love you guys, but I just have to ask one question:

Okay, which one of you found my blog while searching for “playgirl men erection video”?

What? Why!? How!??

What? Why!? How!??

This is one of the search terms for today that my WordPress stats showed me.
I actually can’t stop laughing at this search result. I’ll admit I’m confused, but also oddly amused.

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“Give it to me!” she yelled as she grabbed onto my arm desperately.

I pulled away.

“You’re making me get so f*%@ing wet, give it to me now!” she persisted.

She could scream & moan all she wanted, I was keeping the umbrella.

What can I say, I know how to get her wet.


That was for all my sexy friends who are going through rainy days. You’ll always be wet with me around.

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