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Dirty Movies (It’s Not What You Think)

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How many times have you heard the name of a movie, or its tagline and thought,
“That sounds dirty,”?
Well here are a few movies that sound like dirty movies, but are NOT.

  1. “Free Willy”, Tagline: How Far Would you Go For A Friend?
  2. “Blow”, Tagline: Based on a True Story.
  3. “Stick It”, Tagline: “Nasty.” It’s the key word in “Gymnastics,” without the “Y.
  4. “Stuck on You”, Tagline: It’s Boys, It’s Girls, It’s Crazy.
  5. “Toy Story”, Tagline: Hang on for the comedy that goes to infinity and beyond!
  6. “Hancock”, Tagline: He is saving the world whether we like it or not.
  7.  “In The Company of Men”, Tagline: Are all men bastards…or just misunderstood?
  8. “Big Daddy”, Tagline: Nature Called. Look Who Answered.
  9.  “Dirty Dancing”, Tagline: Have The Time Of Your Life.
  10. “Freddy Got Fingered”, Tagline: This Time You Can’t Change The Channel
  11. Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory”, Tagline: Your golden ticket to imagination and adventure!
  12. “Brokeback Mountain”, Tagline: Love Is A Force Of Nature
  13.  “I Am Legend”, Tagline: The Last Man On Earth Is Not Alone
  14.  “Too Big To Fail”, Tagline: Main Street Took The Fall. Wall Street Got The Check.
  15. “Snatch”, Tagline: Now you see it, now you don’t!
  16.  “Bend It Like Beckham”, Tagline: Sometimes, to follow your dreams… you’ve got to bend the rules!
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