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Separate the Earth from the sky…

Missing something I can’t quite touch or understand
Chasing after more moments
I should be feeling something by now
Too close to know what’s good for me
Countless beauty has come & gone my way
I held you in place, you were my saving grace
Just had to take my breath away from where you stand

The horizon’s never been closer
We’re only as true as what we know

Always beside you, even from a distance
Space doesn’t change what we are
Trailing off right before your eyes
Every color is blind
It’s only permanent if you want it to be
Love don’t let go of me

The horizon’s never been closer
We’re only steps away from tomorrow

There’s a whole new sets of rules to learn by heart
Separate the Earth from the sky, make the world feel new
Every color is blind, when you take me in
Dreams form their own history, which explains you & me
Could you send some light my way?
I won’t run, if you won’t fight

The horizon’s never been closer
We’re only equal to what we’ve done

Separate the Earth from the sky
If we chose each other, what would we become?

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Signs of a Virgin (I Mean Virgo)

Reading horoscopes & astrology always confuses me. Reading these things are like reading the instructions for making my own box.

Apparently I’m a Virgo because:

  1. I was born under the sign of a virgin. (Not literally, I hope.)
  2. I’m a sign of criticism and discrimination. (Wait…..What!?)
  3. I am quite shy and introverted, and even naive at times. (Depends on which day it is.)
  4. I have a cool exterior with a sensitive interior. (I call it “Man in the Iron Mask” complex.)
  5. I’m good at hiding my emotions & dwelling on the past. (Refer to number 4.)
  6. I have tremendous respect for women and will treat them like an equal.
  7. I can find humor in most things, and often empathize with others. (I should be a Comedian or Therapist, but apparently I can’t be both.)
  8. I am not that reserved when it comes to sex. (It happens, let’s talk about it.)
  9. My brain is in overdrive most of the time. (I broke the off switch a long time ago.)
  10. I can be aloof, sarcastic & pessimistic. (I prefer the term “nonchalant”.)
  11. I’m modest & down to Earth. (Or so I’ve been told.)
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