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WTF: News is Too School for Cool

I’ll give you a sticker if you can point out the irony in this picture.

Stay in school kids.


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Hey, That’s My Cape! A Batman Animated Series That Never Was

What if Bruce Wayne never got privately tutored or went to boarding school but attended a regular public high school instead? And what if those halls were filled with teenagers plotting the demise of the student body or scheming to steal bake sale profits? Well, you’d have something called Gotham High.

Artists Jeffrey Thomas and Celeste Green recently they released a batch of never-before-seen Gotham High concept art, based on an old illustration they both created. Sadly, the project was lost in development purgatory, but these amazing images remain. The idea reminds us of Clone High (which is a very good thing). Check out the rest of the art, it’s just downright delightful. And here’s the official synopsis from their site.

via : Hey, That’s My Cape! A Batman Animated Series That Never Was.

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