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You make me breathless
You get me high
When you take me under, I can’t get out from your embrace
I can’t see any clearer than when you’re nearer

Sometimes I wish that I could shine like the sun & bathe you in light
I would make it rain, so that I could drench you in my affections
I want to be everything

You give me a rush
I swear I can feel you all over my body
I still haven’t had enough
And I could really use another shot of you
The things I say come naturally when it comes to you

Sometimes I wish that I could breeze right by you & blow away your fears
I would fill your lungs, so that you could breathe for me
I want to be everything

There’s a bit of you in everything I do
And you know that you move me with every move you make & everything you say
Would it be too much if I wanted to be everything to you?
To you, love is not something you do, it’s something you are
So let me be that element that makes your heart beat
Because your name already fills the seconds between each heartbeat of mine

Sometimes I wish
That I could be everything
Everything that makes you smile when you close your eyes at night
And everything that you live for in the morning
But I’ll settle for being your one & only
Just let me love you

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