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You're a vision, you're a dream.

You’re a vision, you’re a dream.

Hope is the only name that I know
In the middle of the night
When I can’t sleep, I need her
When the world let’s me down, she slows my fall & shows me how to fly
With everything that’s going on, I’ve got to have you by my side

I could learn every little thing there is to know
When it comes you everything wouldn’t be enough
It’s just the beginning with you
There is more to you than meets the eye

Hope make me believe
There’s a line that most people won’t cross
But no not you, you pass right on through
With you nothing is off limits, no destination closed
You’re not meant to be kept locked away
So I’ve got to set you free & follow your lead

I could love every little thing
About you, a page wouldn’t be enough
Filling every line with your praise
There is no in between

Hope gives life colour
Guide me like a light in the dark
You’re a vision, you’re a dream
You’re everything I wish I could be
But this is nothing new to you
If I’ve only got one chance, I’m taking it on you
There’s no doubt about it

Hope, you’re exactly what I need

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