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I can't separate you from me.

I can’t separate you from me.

Your grasp extends beyond the way you touch me.
I feel no pressure coming from your way.
Take me without touching me.
Embracing what’s already yours like a dance we both know the moves to.
Make me feel right at home.
I hope you feel just what I mean.
Tomorrow’s never coming to take you away.

Closer than our skin knows.
So warm below the surface.
Your heat lingers like visible vapors.
Throws off my equilibrium, even though your beauty never gets in the way.
I don’t understand how you keep on finding ways to shine your light.
When words don’t come out right, your embrace sets it right.
Set free in your grasp like a compass with a clear destination.

Like raindrops falling from above, I never know where you’ll land.
But when you do, it covers me gently all the same.
You spread peace all over me.
Drenched in a warmth that can’t be calculated.
The temperature surrounding us can’t be measured by degrees.
I can’t separate you from me.
You’re still with me, even when you leave.
Your grasp extends beyond your touch.

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