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Quotes: Appetite

“Your mind develops an appetite for whatever you constantly feed it — anger, hate, bitterness, loneliness, love, happiness. Dine accordingly.”
– Author Unknown

“See Ava’s got an appetite
For lightin’ dynamite
And letting it blow up in her hand”
– Citizen Cope: Appetite (For Lightin’ Dynamite)

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Take Me

Being in your arms reminds me of the sweetness of Summer.
This is why I come alive when you come around.

At night the light I see in your eyes keeps my troubles at bay.
All the things we say & do because we have each other.

Being “yours” means more than silver or gold.
So give me the gift of your warmth when you come around.

Love is a revelation, not a tragedy.

The better angels of our nature rise to the top when we’re together.
Take me by the hand with every word you live & breathe.

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Burning (Into The Night) [Pt. 3]

Taking time to appreciate what we see in one another
If it isn’t one thing or another, there’s always a reason
New season, new mood
We’re always changing into simply sophisticated creatures becoming more than we once were
We live or die by the breaths that we take together
Burning bright into the night

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Burning (Into the Night) [Pt. 2]

Running hot, it tears us apart
We fight to exist in the absence of our presence
Hope in a better time worth it all
Oh, the things we do to keep ourselves alive
Burning bright into the night

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One day, like water my words will become clear.
See through the depths to discover my world below.
A life filled with waves of emotion written upon my face before you.

Submerged in the depths of our actions.
Flow with me, don’t you ever leave.
Captivate me time after time.
With a look that inspires description.

What I want won’t wash away.
Crystal blue persuasion beyond everything when it comes to you.
You wash over me.

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