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Realize (Part 1)

You alone know who I am when I’m alone.
Somehow, you came to realize the language of my humanity.
You saw through the tact that kept me so composed.

Tell me all the little things we’ve missed in the mirror.
Show me what eyes can’t see.

You make me feel different.

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Your Silence

I like your silence
And the volume at which it speaks
Its honesty emits a truth which words sometimes forget
The sound of silence can be deafening for some
Pregnant pauses become overdue until something must be said

You could be cruel
You could be kind
You could also be mistaken

You pick your pauses so carefully that what follows must be heard
Flooding our ears with unthoughtful words is emotional pollution
Have a moment of silence
Breathe and stop
Wait and see
Choose your battles carefully

Your tongue rests with angels in spite of all the hell it could awaken
I may not always understand your silence, but I know where it comes from
Birthed in a place of patience
Raised with peace of mind
Walked a mile with empathy
The space between your words reveals what words can’t

For every Speaker, there is a Listener
For every word, one must be heard

I see your silence
I can still hear what you mean
I feel your silence
When I can understand your heart

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I’ll Be Waiting

So cool on the surface although you’ve got a fire rising to the top for me
This feeling’s not fleeting, you can’t put it out
Read between the lines, we set the bar so damn high
When you truly understand show me your master plan

I’ll be waiting

The truth comes through in everything you do
You love me in ways that you can’t describe

The whole world knows it when you look at me that way
You act like you don’t know, but I see that you know more whenever we’re close
Our lips push away the pain of yesterday easily
Love leaves you feeling good & able

I’ll be waiting

The truth comes through in everything you do
You love me in ways that you can’t describe

Show me how you love
There’s no need to be ashamed
We can have fun & take this seriously too
We can do whatever you want
Just say the word & we’ll make moves until morning light
That’s all it takes

I’ll be waiting
Have your way with me
I’ll be waiting
It’s only a matter of time

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Hate is a cry for love, and the fear in your voice echoes for empathy in the distance.
Can’t you hear it too?

Hold on, take it in.

I wish that every kiss could undo what’s been done, leaving only a heart unbound.
Back to square one, into the world between our waiting arms.
Whatever it takes to feel pure again.

Hold on, take it in.

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I understood my place & purpose within her stillness.

I understood my place & purpose within her stillness.

She said, “I just want to keep you, a little longer.”
She took my hand & I could not refuse her.
All I knew was that I was wanted, no needed in a new light.
With an urgency & an honesty I had never been shown before, I felt destined to stay.
Suddenly all my losses didn’t stand a chance at all.
Empathy emptied me into her until a calm had filled her soul.
Our touch could not end.

In that very moment I had become the cure & the cause for her way with words.
I knew exactly what she meant, and she knew exactly where I stood, with her by my side.
I understood my place & purpose within her stillness.
We became all that we could be, while we could be.

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