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In your absence I feel nothing.
In your footsteps I go nowhere.
Without comparison this is the lowest I’ve felt.
Started with so much, just to end up with nothing.

I’m running on empty.
Time is up.
Nothing left.

I wish you’d sabotage this wall I’ve put up.
Break me down until I’ve fallen.
In your absence I succumb to gravity.
That’s why I’m lower than I’ve ever been.

Don’t want to be the only one.
Where do I start?
Fear not.

What doesn’t break you, makes you.
So what’s it gonna take to make me strong?
You’re at your highest when there’s nothing weighing you down.
You’re not the only one.
Start over.

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Blank pages fill my head.
Empty lines.
Faded words.
Not a single thought feels unique enough to follow.
Rare enough to seek out.
Elusive sparks go out of their way to miss me.
I can’t express what I don’t know.
And I don’t know what to do with myself in times like these.
I wish I had someone to speak to, but it’s too late.
Do I let it go & feign being carefree?
Or do I push on & try to correct this aimless night?

Looking at nothing makes my eyes burn.
So I’m standing on my balcony, staring out into the crackling sky.
It’s 3:23 & I don’t know why I feel this way.
When I can’t think, I describe.
It troubles me, this silence that usually soothes my soul.
All it does is make me restless.
I just need something.
Something to hold.
Something sure.

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