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Blowing It Away


You’re blowing it away…

Waiting for a love like hers has me in hell, so I might as well exhale.
I have to have you now for all the time lost.
Your words linger on my lips so bittersweet.
They say that this too shall pass, but I don’t know.

This is too good.
I’m blowing it away.
There’s too much to lose.
I’m blowing it away.
Let it in, let it out.

All I’ve done was to feel your heat on repeat.
If I can’t have you, I’ll have Mary Jane on my mind.
Show me the way or take it all away.
Let me gaze at the moon until I lose my senses.

This is no good.
You’re blowing it away.
You don’t even know.
You’re blowing it away.
Let it in, let it out.

Everything changes irrevocably when you come around, fatal attraction.
What remains of yesterday stands to lose its place with every breath we take.
This chemical cocktail love is only temporary.

Let it in, let it out.
Cloud my judgment from my troubles, one more time.
These shades of grey feel good.
Let it in, let it out.

I’m blowing it away.
You’re blowing it away.

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