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Quotes: Dreams of Contentment

She's right.

She’s right.

This is a natural conclusion to arrive at.

This is a natural conclusion to arrive at.

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Called It

Don't leave me hanging.

Don’t leave me hanging.

I didn’t call you cus I got caught up.
You didn’t come around just as expected.
Dates rearrange & promises fall through.
It’s nothing new to someone & everything to a few.
It’s no fault of our own when we can’t come through it seems.

Call it a convenience whenever we’re in the mood.
Love lasts for now, tomorrow’s another question.
Don’t ask me for answers because they elude me just like you.
I’ve stopped caring, it was bound to happen eventually.
That ringing in your ear isn’t coming from me.
I’m not calling your name.

What we are is wasting away.
It’s about time one of us walked away.
Give it up & give in.
Or go on pretending everything’s the same.
The chase is tiring.
Give it up & give in.
Or go on & quit back peddling.

Give it up or go on.
But don’t leave me hanging.
Hang up your dreams & try your call again.
It’s no longer your call, a decision’s been made.
I had a moment of silence for what never was.
Give it up & go on, as though yesterday was just a fever dream.

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Expectations (Think Nothing of It)

The world always seems so vastly vain while you’re swimming through a sea of people that don’t know your name.
Stars sparkle while bright lights try to imitate, or maybe they’re striving to be above it all in the only way they know how.
Your prayers rain down your devotion, while our faith reigns in our collective hearts.
Can you feel all the love?

Its your space, take your place above it all.
I have no expectations of you, you are free to be who you want to be.
Style & substance, kindness & grace in the face of everything that is beneath you.
Don’t hurry your mind, don’t worry your time.
Breaths apart with our beating hearts a sync is the only way I can live with you.
Brimming with enthusiasm for the unknown, we are endless.
Whenever you want to take it too far because you’ve been thinking too much of everyone around you rather than delving into the ocean that is deep within you,
give me a call and I’ll think of you.
It’s always you.

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