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Live A Little

How it begins is not how it ends.
Everything in between is yours to try, so carry on.
Try until there are no questions left.

Enjoy the difference.
Trust this time.
Take a chance.

Expose yourself to something unlike anything before.
Only when you’ve died to have something will you find out what you’re truly living for.
Return to me, not as you were, but as someone tried and true.

For every experience there will be a hundred more.
I want you to remember those moments.
I want to see that spark in your eyes that makes everything feel brand new.

Live a little, not for me, for you.

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Chapters (Pt. 3)


Do what you know.
Go where you’ve already been.
Sure, there’s safety in being the same.

Don’t you want to live a life worth asking “was it a dream”?

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Live A Little

I want to see the wonder in what you do.

I want to see the wonder in what you do.

Life is a photograph waiting to happen.
Lights, like the sea are vast & always coming in.
It’s only minutes to midnight & we’re out there making the night ours again.
The sweetest escape can be found under neon lights, from time to time.

We’re stepping out to stay in a better state of mind.
When we want to write a story we set out to parts unknown.
Unexpected turns keep us going, our eyes can close once we’ve seen it all.

I want to see the wonder in what you do.
There’s a truth in your eyes that tells me everything.
Few moments can outshine a lifetimes spark.
Although pain & pleasure may shape what we believe, our dreams push away all the dirt & debris.

Leave your worries behind.
It’s only gonna get better, because a little heart goes a long way.
Tonight we’ll live a little.

Tonight we’ll live a little & love a lot.
Things are changing all the time.
So we’ll live a little & love a lot.
Live a little.
Just live.

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Wonderland’s Waters

Feel a flood coming on, body mind spirit love

Feel a flood coming on, body mind spirit love…

Please baby don’t get up
Stay in this dream a little longer
My lucid love will put your worries to rest
Let me go down into this little rabbit hole
Taking satisfaction as I drink in your gaze
Teasing you, taking you in completely

Pillow talk’s all we really want
Tell me how you like it on the other side
Drive me mad like you’ve got something to prove
I know you like it when I feel emotional
I’ll only ask you once while you smile like a Cheshire Cat
What am I supposed to do with you?
I could tip you over like a little tea pot & pour your steamy water out
I should paint your pink flower a new color

Go with the flow until we reach to the top
Come up for air, after taking me as far as you can
Keep your head up while I breathe & lick down your neck
You thought you could break me down with your fingers
And the way that they linger, running slowly over the edge
Stay afloat with my hands holding onto your sides
Thrust your body into me, consuming my aching passion completely
Legs kicking involuntarily as we disappear into passion’s pool
Feel a flood coming on, body mind spirit love
Washing away what remains of yesterday
We’re drifting into new territory as we succumb

Here is always here, no matter where we begin
Through our lust which seems forest deep
Under the still waters reflection is where your ecstasy awaits
Head to toe, tasting your sweetness & the sounds you make
Dip my head down into the depths below
Let’s drown under the stars above
And if we should lose our breath, our passions shall resuscitate us
With my hands on your chest, pressing against your soul
With your lips creating space between my once closed lips
Bringing out that love you’ve been swimming in
There’s only seconds until we rise again
But we want it to last

Please baby don’t get up
I know you want to play under the sheets instead
Stay with me in this dream wet for you
Your body is a Wonderland

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Naked Games

I'm in the mood to play with you.

I’m in the mood to play with you.

I’m in the mood to play with you.
You don’t have to be naked to play, but it helps.
I’ll let you know when it’s your turn to do whatever you want to do.
Waiting is the hardest part when I’m in your sight.
Alright, you can pick & choose what I’ll lose first, my mind or my shirt.
Do something, make your move.

Don’t tell me, show me why you’re my baby.
Don’t fuck with me, unless you’re gonna please me.
Show me some love, before I have a heart attack.
I wanna love you better, next level techniques.

Your lips are the prelude to the inevitable.
Exploration starts with curiousity & ends with the tip of my tongue.
And from there everything heads South like it should.
I’ll take you away & make you yearn to be mine, while we’re speaking in tongues.
I breathe you in before I taste your essence.
You blow like the wind & leave everything behind.

Touch me here.
I’ll show you how, just take your time.
Taste me now before my body fades away.
How much can we endure?
Shivering with anticipation.
I want more of everything.
Midnight’s secrets repeat after me.

We use rules & tools to get things started.
Drawn-out seduction disarmed our defenses long ago.
Teach me the rules to this dirty, sexy setup going on inside your insatiable mind.
Shock me, stimulate me.
Take me over while I’m still under your control.
Everything we miss lies somewhere between love & lust.
As I thrust myself into you, I realize this to be true.

You’re no beginner.
Your body is the life of the party.
You play for keeps while you’re moaning.
Pulling back your hair while you pull back the sheets.
I put you first, so I’m sure to finish last.

If you wanna play, you’ve gotta let go.
Where will it be this time?
Lay you down on the bed.
Your behind on the balcony.
Tasting you in the kitchen.
Lose your panties while we do laundry.
Washing you in ecstasy under the shower.
Or should we go to a place where no one can find us?

Late nights make for better days when you let me have my way.
I can’t do it without you.
Baby push my buttons & watch what you make me do.
This is what you put me through.
And damn do I look forward to it.
Let me fill you until you’re full of me.
Show me how you like to play.

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