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Chapters (Pt. 4)


The way she moved her body was nothing short of alchemy.
She compels me with her sweet simplicity.
Her touch is never uninvited.

Spellbound, maybe I’ve been looking at you too much.
Take it all in, so I can let it all out.
I know all that I need to know when it comes to you, angel.
I love how good you are.
Some things just can’t be taught.

I can’t love anyone the way that I love you.

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What’s On Your Mind

I can feel you.

I can feel you.

Tell me what’s on your mind
Are you trying to find a reason to move on?
Standing in the rain, washing away yesterday
Eyes closed, opened mind, wishing for something you can’t find

Tell me what’s on your mind
You only get quiet is when you’re losing your smile
If you need some time to yourself, I’ll step aside
But if you’d like someone else to keep you company & to keep the peace
I am available, I’ll be right here

Tell me what’s on your mind
Nothing is off limits & there is nothing to fear
You are not alone, let my arms be your home
I can feel you
Say what you feel
Let loose your burdens
Say it aloud with me

Tell me what’s on your mind
Is it you, is it me or something out of our control?
Let it out when you’re ready
Tell me what’s on your mind

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Made Up

Your name on my lips.
Your hand on my hips.
Your head rested on my weary shoulders.
I can’t question this.
Feeling closer than I’ve ever been to anyone that I’ve let in.

So tell me something that I don’t know.
As if you didn’t know that I was sure.
Give me a moment that I won’t forget.
Tell me that I am yours.
And I am yours.

My hand in your hair.
My eyes holding yours.
My body’s so near to yours.
I can’t believe this.
But you mean the world to me & I can’t deny.

What you say matters to me.
I try to control these feelings.
But I can’t win, this time I just can’t win.
And I don’t want to.
My mind is made up now & my heart already was.

So tell me something that you already knew.
A choice you’ve made & decided to follow through.
Show me a dream that you don’t regret.
Tell me that I am a part of it.
And I will be.
Yes, I will be.

I wrote this in 20 minutes because of this melody that was in my head. I guess the “Bourne Ultimatum” will have to wait for another night! Oh well.

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Love Shows/Love Languages

Words of Affirmation
Quality Time
Receiving Gifts
Acts of Service
Physical Touch

What is your language?
What makes you feel loved?

I need to touch & be touched from time to time. A hug, high five, leaning against each other; something.

I also need quality time, you know that one on one time for a while, and then I’m good.
The activity isn’t really as important as the company is. I’m more interested in being with you & knowing that you enjoy being with me.

I get that it’s not that easy for other people to open up or to adapt to the ways that I show & accept love, but it is necessary. I don’t want to control how we communicate, I just want to understand it.

Communication is the key to discovering who we are & what we will become. Communication is multi-layered. Discovering how & what I am communicating to other people & how they need to be treated & loved in return has been rather enlightening.

Why do I sound like a Counsellor all of a sudden?

Take care my friends.

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Quotes: Write Drunk; Edit Sober (Remix)

“Write drunk; edit sober.” -Earnest Hemingway

“Write drunk — drunken with emotion. Whether in love or pain; hatred or joy, write intoxicated and completely wasted in the moment.

Edit sober — when all the winds have calmed, and when your eyes are cleared from the poison of life. Clean it up and make your pain presentable.” -Brittany Rose (elaborating on Hemingway)

This quote describes how I approach writing poetry.

Check out Brittany’s amazing writing at: East Coast Insomnia

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