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It feels like I’m falling.
But I can’t get nowhere.
Pressure is rising, the air up here’s thinning & everything’s spinning out of control.
No one’s in control.

Everything you do is of no use here.
The atmosphere is stories above what you’re used to.
Now that I think about it, your fear of heights should be kicking in.
Right about now your heart stops.

Beating & fleeting your heart has ejected leaving you acting like someone dejected.
Hold on.

Pull the cord, kill the commitment you made.
Pulling out instead of free falling.
I won’t be your fall guy.
Try as you might you can’t land your words on my heart.
So far I’m getting used to flying this uncomfortably high.

It feels like I’m falling.
So weightless, I’m rushing.
The clouds are vanishing.
Instead of dragging me down, every distraction loses its gravity.

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