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Cover To Cover


I’m bound cover to cover
Every word tattooed into the pages of your being I believe
I’m not immune to your charm

I like the way you think
Your tongue is more dangerous than any weapon
Blow me away with all the things you say

Just one word undoes everything
Even when it’s wrong, it’s still right
Make each and every one your own

Lend me your voice tonight
You know just what to say to keep me coming
Our word play pulls us closer together

Lost in your boundless beauty
Less is more addictive skin to skin
I need the skin you’re in to get me out of my head

The dream is never done
Caught up in this new chapter, it’s amazing
We’re rearranging and changing every definition

Desire begins in the mind
Even when it’s wrong, it’s still right
We’re bound cover to cover

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Above Average

Your pleasure is my purpose by definition.

Your pleasure is my purpose by definition.

Our love is above average.
We are what we desire, you are my only prayer.
There’s no need to make-believe when we can make it happen before our very eyes.
Let the results of our experiments reverberate through our bodies.

I’ve got a hunger for knowledge when it comes to your each & every way.
Educate me, demonstrate your good taste.
Fill me with your fantasy line after line.
Can’t erase your nature from the pages of my mind.
Lie back & tell me your story with your body.

You thirst for my time, so take it all in.
Love me still through the night.
Love don’t wait & I don’t mind.
Because I think you’re learning your way through mine.
Indoctrinate these dreams between our lips.
Listen, I’ll tell you everything you want to hear.
I wanna give you faith, like that good book by your bed.

Whenever you’re around there is no sound,
besides that of your heartbeat over mine doing double-time.
Our love is a mute math,
multiplying our passions as we hold hands & connect our dynamic symmetry vigorously.
Crystal clear persuasion with your every move.
Your body language is an art all its own.

Question every position with another moan as you drift away into the distance.
Every climax is a light in the dark, I want you to glow uncontrollably.
Nothing gets lost in translation while I read your body like a dictionary.
Your pleasure is my purpose by definition.

Nothing can replace our experiences.
I want you on me like pen to paper.
Our form evolves whenever we cross the line.
See beyond the world we’ve been shown.
Let’s satisfy our curiosity one more time.

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Ready To Know

Age has never made me wise.

Age has never made me wise.

I hear your voice, I come alive
Feels like waking up in a dream
Make believe reality running through my veins
Will you return to me, or am I the only one living in this fantasy?

Time forgets where I’ve been when I’m with you
Your beauty keeps on getting in the way
When you’re gone my mind wonders
Did you mean to give me a reason to believe?

Am I where you go to be free?
I’m ready to know

Show me how you love
Live beyond your own skin
Look me in the eye, look at what you’ve done
There’s a million places, but only one is where I am when your gaze sets me free

Age has never made me wise
My heart is not up for debate
Do you feel the same way too?
It’s so simple, you’re where I want to belong

Am I where you go to be free?
I’m ready to know

Alone is more than enough, when it’s with you
Ask me to stay with your hand in mine
I won’t go, if you show me how you love

Am I where you go to be free?
I’m ready to know

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Far Too Close

The things that no one sees are what draws us together, unspoken.

The things that no one sees are what draws us together, unspoken.

Your beauty never ends & that should be no surprise.
It is understood that we’re supposed to only look & not touch.
I’m not blind, I can see your eyes swimming with curiosity.
We could be close to the touch.

I won’t let you slip away, I’ve got a test for you.
Every kiss craves for more by design, there’s just something about it.
Like a lock & key, there’s no mistaking this turn we’ve taken, the door’s open wide.

Your voice escapes your lips & finds it’s way into me.
I’ll be found deep in the depths of where you need me the most.
I feel you in ways your body never knew.
Feels so good, we forgot how to breathe.
This time alone eclipses every experience that has come & gone.

There will be no love by proxy, there is only you & me.
The things that no one sees are what draws us together, unspoken.
I can feel all you’ve ever felt, I can taste your desire.
There’s too much love to stay away.
You’re far too close to stop now.

Sing me a song with each breath.
Part-time love doesn’t pay, we’ll take all the time we need.
You could have me doing anything you please.
Don’t you forget it.
The feeling goes on, and on, and on.

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Wonderland’s Waters

Feel a flood coming on, body mind spirit love

Feel a flood coming on, body mind spirit love…

Please baby don’t get up
Stay in this dream a little longer
My lucid love will put your worries to rest
Let me go down into this little rabbit hole
Taking satisfaction as I drink in your gaze
Teasing you, taking you in completely

Pillow talk’s all we really want
Tell me how you like it on the other side
Drive me mad like you’ve got something to prove
I know you like it when I feel emotional
I’ll only ask you once while you smile like a Cheshire Cat
What am I supposed to do with you?
I could tip you over like a little tea pot & pour your steamy water out
I should paint your pink flower a new color

Go with the flow until we reach to the top
Come up for air, after taking me as far as you can
Keep your head up while I breathe & lick down your neck
You thought you could break me down with your fingers
And the way that they linger, running slowly over the edge
Stay afloat with my hands holding onto your sides
Thrust your body into me, consuming my aching passion completely
Legs kicking involuntarily as we disappear into passion’s pool
Feel a flood coming on, body mind spirit love
Washing away what remains of yesterday
We’re drifting into new territory as we succumb

Here is always here, no matter where we begin
Through our lust which seems forest deep
Under the still waters reflection is where your ecstasy awaits
Head to toe, tasting your sweetness & the sounds you make
Dip my head down into the depths below
Let’s drown under the stars above
And if we should lose our breath, our passions shall resuscitate us
With my hands on your chest, pressing against your soul
With your lips creating space between my once closed lips
Bringing out that love you’ve been swimming in
There’s only seconds until we rise again
But we want it to last

Please baby don’t get up
I know you want to play under the sheets instead
Stay with me in this dream wet for you
Your body is a Wonderland

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